Hyderi bomb blasts: Karachi’s most peaceful people face terror

Shock filled faces at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where many of the 21 injured were taken.

Saad Hasan September 19, 2012


The people who have been known as the most peaceful in Karachi faced the worst form of terror on Tuesday.

“Nothing like this has happened in 45 years since we moved here,” said a Dawoodi Bohra man, whose relative was one of the eight people fatally injured in a bomb blast outside Burhani compound in Hyderi. “I don’t understand why this has occurred. We are a peaceful community.”

Twenty-one people were injured in the explosion and many of them were taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where chaos unfolded.

Of the eight people killed in the attack, including a woman and a 12-year-old girl, at least five belong to the community. “An innocent community has been targeted,” health minister Dr Sagheer Ahmed told journalists outside the emergency ward of the hospital. “This goes to show how the city’s security has been compromised.”

The twin explosions occurred outside the compound, where many members of the community manage their shops, including boutiques and eateries. The police have found a large quantity of explosives at another market in Hyderi, where Burhani compound is located.

A sea of people thronged the hospital. Relatives frantically searched for the injured as a large crowd of spectators kept pouring into the emergency ward, trying to get a glimpse of the action. At the other end of the hospital, the mortuary had only two bodies.

Doctors, who have treated many bomb blast victims in the past, were not sure what kinds of explosives were used in the latest attack. “The bodies seem to have shrapnel wounds,” said Dr Yousuf Baig, who had carried out a preliminary check of the bodies. “I didn’t find any ball bearings but it seems as if something sharp pierced the victims.” He added that the wounds could have been caused by objects which had exploded into pieces after the bombs went off. The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan typically uses explosives with ball bearings in its attacks.

Azhar Hussain, who had lost his 18-year-old cousin Sajid Mehmood, was too shocked to even cry. Mehmood ran an ice-cream vending machine outside the compound. “What do I do now?” Hussain asked. He had been asked to get a death certificate first. “I have to take my cousin’s body back to his family in Rahim Yar Khan. But how will we open the coffin and let his mother and sister see his face?”

Published in The Express Tribune, September 19th, 2012.


Hamza | 10 years ago | Reply

Do understand that Hyderi is a dwelling of mixed communities. Not all that were injured or killed were from the Bohri community. If they had to target the Bohris, they would have targeted the jamaat khana and the homes inside the residential society about 2 mins drive from Dolmen Mall, where the actual blast occured.

I express my condolences with the people who were innocently killed because of the blast, but please do not sensationalize the issue. Ask the nature of attack from the people who have lived in North Nazimabad.

Ali | 10 years ago | Reply

I am deeply saddened by what has happened here and my heart goes out to all the victims. As im going through these comments I can see that people are frustrated and I think we are all in agreement that acts like these are not acceptable. However what i don't see are suggestions to how we can stop this from happening again. If the people of Egypt can come together and overthrow an entire Government I don't see why the people of Pakistan cant address these issues. It almost seems like the people of Pakistan have accepted these awful events as a way of life. I am a bit biased here as Im not Pakistani but i have visited Karachi numerous times and I must say it a fabulous city. WHAT IS THE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM? Is Imran Khan the answer? Is a revolution necessary?

-a confused outsider

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