Imran Khan likens Muslim sentiment for blasphemy to Jews' for holocaust

Says Waziristan rally on October 7 to include international journalists, human rights organisations.

Sunara Nizami September 15, 2012

CHITRAL: Touching upon the sensitive issue of the blasphemous film that has generated massive protests by Muslims everywhere, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan likened the sentiments of Muslims for blasphemy with that of the Jews' for the holocaust and asked for similar rights with regard to hate speech.

Speaking in Chitral and taking the Jewish Holocaust as an example, Khan said that people in Europe can be jailed for just questioning the actuality of the massacre because it hurt the sentiments of the Jews.

“We are also being hurt in the name of ‘freedom of speech’,” said Khan. “We will also get the same law implemented for us in the West,” he added.

Khan said that the people of the West were ignorant of Islam and it was their ignorance which was being manipulated by the people spreading hate against the religion.

"They do not know how much we love our beloved Prophet (pbuh) ... that Muslims are willing to sacrifice their lives for him," said Khan.

“I take the responsibility to educate them about how much we love our beloved Prophet (pbuh),” he said.

Waziristan rally

About the rally to Waziristan on October 7, Khan said it would include journalists and human rights organisations, who would tell the world what was really happening in drone strikes and who the actual victims of it were.

He said drone attacks were not just killing militants; they were killing innocents including women and children.

He said that the PTI would take Pakistan’s biggest rally ever to Waziristan along with journalists and human rights organisations from foreign countries so they could show the people there what was truly happening in these drone strikes.

Speaking on the ‘war on terror’, Khan said: “Taking part in America’s war has destroyed us.”

“Every month we are spending Rs90 billion on this war,” he said, adding that people were dying and money was being wasted because of it.

“When a person’s family dies, he picks up arms in revenge and uses it against his own countrymen,” said Khan, adding that America’s war was killing Pakistanis on both sides.

“We will let the people there [abroad] know what is happening in this war because this war will only end when the people of the US and UK protest against it,” said Khan.

Criticising political parties, Khan said: “No other party has the courage to go to Waziristan.”

The new Pakistan and people's rights

Addressing other issues and promising a new Pakistan, Khan talked about development, education, jobs and hospitals in Chitral.

He promised the people of Chitral that PTI would work on their development so they would not have to rush back and forth to Peshawar.

He said that as per its economic policy, PTI would generate jobs for them, create hospital and colleges.

The PTI chief said that at least 3000MW of electricity could be generated from the springs of Chitral.

“You should not be facing loadshedding,” said Khan. “Every spring can generate electricity … Chitral can progress and cheap electricity will take you forward.”

He added that the royalties from the generated electricity could be used to make universities so the Chitrali youth would not have to go elsewhere to study.

Speaking on development in Chitral, Khan said that the lack of progress on the Lowari tunnel was not due to monetary problems.

“There was money but it went into their pockets; it went out of the country,” he said.

“You all want change, a new Pakistan, a just system, release from old politicians,” said Khan, adding that this was what PTI was offering.

He said that PTI would ensure the development funds would go to the locals and they would get to decide where that money should be spent.

Speaking on elections within the PTI itself, he said that no other party was doing this either. He urged the people to participate in the elections, telling them that they could be leaders as well.

“But whoever comes in this team will play according to our rules, our laws,” said Khan.

“Those who do will help us make a new Pakistan, if not they will respectfully be let go of.”


Pankaj Sharma | 9 years ago | Reply

@Manoj Joshi India: If USA is against Muslims, then how come there were several movies produced in USA that criticize Jesus Cjristian or some even show christ as married and totally against bible.

Now that is freedom of expression.

Even though majority of people in USA are christians , no one was killed. None of the actors were threatened or killed

USA is a civilized society.

People respect others views. The people who are protesting against the Anti-Islam film themsleves don't have any respect to other religions and sects of Islam (Shias, Ahamdiyyas etc)

This is the sad reality

Maha | 9 years ago | Reply

To clear it up for the many misguided simpletons here- He is not likening the holocaust itself to Islamic blasphemy. He's asking for the same rights to keep blasphemy off limits from Islam.

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