Ballot not bullet essential for Balochistan, says CEC

CEC says immediate measures are required to persuade the disgruntled segment of Balochistan to use the ballot.

August 01, 2012

QUETTA: Chief Election Commissioner Justice (retd) Fakhruddin G Ebrahim has said that immediate measures are required to persuade the disgruntled segment of Balochistan to use ballot rather than bullet to seek a solution to their problems.        

“We have stepped forward towards the journey of fair, free and transparent elections by finalising the electoral list,” the CEC said while talking to the media during his visit to the provincial election commission office in Quetta on Wednesday.

Flanked by provincial election commissioner Abdul Jabbar Jamali, Deputy Director provincial election commission Wasim Ahmed and other senior officials, the CEC said that it is time to convince people to cast ballot and play their role for flourishing of democratic norms.

He noted that he found no flaws in the electoral list prepared by the provincial election commission office in Quetta. “However, we do not claim perfection and are ready to amend and bring betterment in the list already finalised, if we are directed to our mistakes,” he added.

He further expressed his satisfaction over the electoral roll of Balochistan finalised by the provincial office and sought assistance of political parties, civil society and the media to remove the possible errors.

“The media, civil society and political parties should come forward and assist us,” he said, adding that he is open to accept positive criticism to remove flaws in the country’s best interest.

He noted that even though the current electoral list has been finalised, they can correct, amend, and add votes if anyone is left.

Responding to a question, Ebrahim said that he equally respects all political parties and is determined to ensure free, fair and transparent polls. “Let’s be unanimous on the democratic process and play our due role towards a thriving and prosperous Pakistan,” he said, urging the residents of Balochistan to opt for the ballot as a means to address their grievances.

He lauded the endeavours of the Balochistan election commission staff who prepared the electoral list despite the challenging environment. He said that any person can verify his name along with his area in the voters list by texting his CNIC number to 8300.


Tufan Agha | 11 years ago | Reply

Balochistan is more a victim of self inflicted injuries. Today like before, Baloch had been ruling the Province of Balochistan since the creation of the province in 1970. Balochs have rather extended their rule to the Pashtuns areas under the guise of a single province. They meddled in the constituencies when Amir Ul Mulk was the provincial election commissioner and later as Governor. It is the Pashtuns who are the sufferers in this Province created after abolishment of one unit. We Pashtuns think that Balochistan is a misnomer and has to be corrected in historic perspective. Balochs have very strongly propagated persecution tragedy and has in fact usurped the rights of Pashtuns. Half of them are in the Government and other half is "NARAZ BALOCH". Then they will swap seats and the drama will continue.

Khan Jr | 11 years ago | Reply

The CEC Justice Fakhruddin is undoubtedly sincere and doing his best. It is extremely disgenuous of some to blame the problems of Balochistan simply on a Marri or a Bugti living overseas. It is, for all intents and purposes, a full scale middle class revolt (for those with an open mind I suggest they read ). Pushed against the wall with the barbarism of the kill and dump policy, it will be a tough ask to get the insurgents to endorse elections. Let's hope that sanity does eventually prevail.

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