Balochistan Unrest: PML-N protests against murder of labourers

The protesters demanded strong action against the perpetrators and early recovery of those abducted.

Our Correspondent July 18, 2012


The Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) on Tuesday staged a protest against the murder and kidnapping of labourers in Balochistan on Sunday. The protest was organised in the Akhagram area of Lower Dir to condemn the act.

Three labourers were killed and another eight were kidnapped, all hailing from Dir. PML-N’s provincial vice president Malik Jahanzeb led the protest. The protesters demanded strong action against the perpetrators and early recovery of those abducted.

Speaking on the occasion, Jahanzeb accused the Balochistan government of supporting the Balochistan Liberation Army.

He also criticised the federal government for failing to protect the lives and property of its citizens. “The labourers went to Balochistan to earn a livelihood, but they were murdered in cold blood,” he added.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 18th, 2012. 


KSU | 9 years ago | Reply

"settlers"???? Is this an allusion to ethnic Punjabi's? If you don't express yourself clearly this problem will persist. If we don't speak up against fascism - in this case the fascist thinking of the BLA and their supporters - it will consume us all. First they dragged out Punjabis from the Buses and shot them in cold blood. Nobody spoke up. These Punjabis are poor and who cares was the thinking. Then they went for the Hazaras. Only a few spoke up. They are Shias and minority so who cares was the flawed logic. Fascists of BLA were encouraged by the indifference and cowardice of Pakistanis. The Baloch leadership (Sardars and Nawabs) did nothing to condemn the killings. Other ethnic groups kept silent. From the ANP to the MQM no one condemned. Let them shoot Punjabis and Hazaras. BUT this thinking will consume all other ethnic group too - now pushtuns. And the logic will end in Baloch killing Baloch. If you don't speak up against fascism it will consume you. Speak up Pakistanis if you dare. This type of Ethno-Fascism is also found in Karachi and other areas where ethnically based murder i rampant. There are other fascism in Pakistan apart from the BLA.

A J Khan | 9 years ago | Reply

Balochistan Government which encourages ethnic cleansing of the non Balochs in Balochistan by turning a blind eye to such happenings. They let these crimes happen and encourages them in private meetings. They are extremely bias in the policy formulations, policy execution, jobs distribution, allocation of funds and quota policies. After killing and extradition of thousands upon thousands of settlers, killing hundreds of Hazaras they have started testing the pulse of Pashtuns. Mine owners should also be held responsible for the safety of their labour force. They should hire the services of security companies when working in high risk areas. These government paid anti Pakistan elements should be taken to justice.

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