BRA behind bombings in Quetta: DIG FC

DIG FC says BRA commander issuing orders for bombing receives orders from Nawab Baramdagh Bugti.

Irfan Rana June 26, 2012

QUETTA: Frontier Constabulary and the police on Tuesday announced the arrest of two men allegedly involved in a number of bombings in and around Quetta. Authorities claimed that as per confessions, the men received orders and funds for their activities from Nawab Baramdagh Bugti by way of a Baloch Republican Army (BRA) commander.

In press briefing held at the FC head quarters on Tuesday, DIG FC Brigadier Abdul Rasheed said that timely action by the paramilitary force and police had resulted in the arrest of two men allegedly involved in planning and executing terrorist activities within the provincial capital, in addition to confiscating large amounts of explosive material from their possession.

Brigadier Rasheed said that an FC patrol had intercepted a car, bearing registration numbers AAG-925 at 12:55am between the night of June 25 and 26, between Imdad square and Railway Station square on Zarghun road, Quetta. As  the officials searched the car, they recovered 20 kilograms of explosive materials, two remotes and other explosive devices. They arrested a man identified as Danish, son of Ghulam Mohammad, belonging to Mund in Kech district.

Subsequently, police and the FC conducted a joint raid at a suspected location on Saryab road. The action yielded one suspect and 2500 kilograms of explosive materials, two RPG-7s, detonators, five grenades, timers, and transmitters.

The suspect arrested was identified as Ghulam Yasin, son of Khalid Bugti, hailing from Dera Bugti.

According to FC, Danish had shifted from Mund to Quetta five months ago, while Ghulam Yasin had shifted to Quetta from Dera Bugti five years ago.

Brigadier Rasheed said that both men had confessed to being involved in attacks on government organisations and that they were working on the orders of a BRA commander "Murad", who in turn received directives from Nawab Baramdagh Bugti.

The DIG added that the suspects had confessed to receiving Rs1 million for detonating a bomb at Almo square on May 14, 2012.  The suspects further revealed that they had been promised Rs1.5 million for conducting additional successful bombings.

Brigadier Rasheed added that Danish had also admitted to a number of criminal activities including murdering three barbers, and other counts of terrorism in Mand, and Turbat.

Danish's partner Ghulam Yasin admitted to having conducted bombings of railway tracks in Quetta.

They are currently being questioned under police supervision.


Abbas Ahmad | 10 years ago | Reply

Recently a video was shown in Supreme court by Balochistan Police which showed FC personnel abducting a Baloch Youth, when asked by CJ, IG Fc said that these were terrorists in FC uniform. This must be the joke of the century.. Now its quite clear who abducts people and evidence provided in Apex court if one is in state of denail He can't be helped. Provided that FC can't be trusted and this entire drama is an effort by FC to mislead people that they are efficient and doing the job well. Its uncomfortable when people completely ignorant about ground realities are praising FC for job well done.. Its really sad.. Alas

Hijjadah | 10 years ago | Reply

This is a pretext for capturing innocent Baluchis and not been given a fair trial only to be found missing for sometime and then the body recovered couple of months later. Has there been a xe registered? What are the charges? Does he have access to lawyers? Believe me friends am not a Baluchi but I know what they are going through every single day.

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