Missing persons case: Deputy attorney general resigns

Deputy AG Malik Sikander walks out of court, says he will return in 5 minutes as Advocate instead of Deputy AG.

Web Desk May 22, 2012

QUETTA: Unable to satisfy the judges during today’s hearing of cases pertaining to missing persons in Balochistan, Deputy Attorney General (AG) Malik Sikander walked out of court and later submitted his resignation, Express News reported.

"I have the right to live my life with respect," said the deputy AG. "That is why I am resigning and appearing in court as a common lawyer."

The apex court - displeased with the absence of the defence secretary, interior secretary and the prime minister’s prinicipal secretary who had been summoned earlier - asked the deputy AG whether they had been presented with the court’s order or not.

Deputy AG Sikander replied that he had not received a copy of the court’s order. Dissatisfied with the answer, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry ordered him to give a written statement to the court, stating that he was unable to satisfy the court’s orders.

The deputy AG requested the court to give him some time, at least a day but the court refused. Unable to satisfy the court, he walked out saying he would return in five minutes as ‘Advocate’ instead of ‘Deputy AG’ Malik Sikander.

The court did not comment on his behaviour.

Of those summoned yesterday, only the governor of Balochistan’s principal secretary appeared before the court.



Mirza | 9 years ago | Reply

The PCO CJ has himself said in court that has been responsible for the disappearances of civilians. He has called them arsonists and murderers. Now all of a sudden he is harsh, insulting only to current civilian officials and not the establishment. Even though the AG was right but his reaction "in the court" would have been contempt of court in any other country. Contempt of court cases are rare and confined to the bad behavior in the court not the free speech. No high judiciary argues with the parties in the court. The prosecution and defense argue and the judges speak with their verdicts not outbursts and political speeches.

aley | 9 years ago | Reply

@FF: Are you out of your mind? He resigned as a protest against the behavior of the court not in shame...

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