Twitter alert: 'Tweetshedding' in Pakistan

Ironically, #TwitterBan started trending across Pakistan soon after the ban was exposed.

Web Desk May 20, 2012

Twitter has been temporarily banned across Pakistan by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Sunday, after the micro-blogging website refused a request by the local government to stop a discussion on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), which was considered derogatory. 

Ironically, #TwitterBan started trending across Pakistan soon after the ban was exposed.

 Top tweets 

Taha Siddiqui @TahaSSiddiqui

#TwitterBan by Info Ministry. We can't even blame the judiciary or the intelligence/military for this - This is our DEMOCRATIC PARLIAMENT!

madeeha syed @madeehasyed

We accessed blogs during blogger ban, Facbeook during Facebook ban, YouTube during YouTube ban... what makes this #TwitterBan so special?

Shoaib Taimur @shobz

I think that the guy behind Millat Facebook will come up with millat twitter: a place for sweet Muslims. #TwitterBan

We live in a nation of hypocrites. acid crime, violence against women, minorities, corruption and yet we only tackle blasphemy. #twitterban

Farieha Aziz @FariehaAziz

Same arguments being rehashed by government officials as at the time of the Facebook ban in 2010 #TwitterBan

Hina @hinstance

Tweets from a country where the government bans Twitter are engrossing. I find the defiance absolutely delightful! #Pakistan #TwitterBan

Kashif Aziz @kashaziz

Dear PTA, please ban Facebook too or we will accuse you of taking bribes from Mr. Zuckerberg. #Twitterban #Pakistan

Mirza Waheed @MirzaWaheed

In other news, Pakistan authorities have so far ruled out banning fax machines. #TwitterBan

Azeem Dada @azeemdada

#twitterban okay these guys need to go. How i dont know and dont care but enough and enough

sid @sidrah_a

Well done Pakistan, continue to piss off the awaam. #twitterban

Rai M. Azlan Shahid @Rai_Azlan

What will I tell to the people at work the reason of #TwitterBan when many of them unable to understand. Thank you PTA!

S® @Sab33na

RT @FaisalRahat: The irony of twitter being banned in Pakistan and Pak's number 1 trend is #TwitterBan. Thumbs up to the Paki twitterati! :)

Ali Shah @duplexraid

The revolution will not be Tweeted!! TweetShedding is here boys!!#TwitterBan #Pakistan


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Atif | 9 years ago | Reply

Will tribune publish this, the other side of the coin?

I think the sad thing is slowly so-called muslim liberal elite is not only getting used to idea of blasphemy but working hard to make the rest of us accept it too. Even if you are not to standup for your identity and religion what about making multinationals respect the law of the land?

I have a lot of respect for those people who fight such sadistic mindset like the guys who made Millatfacebook It's now 2 years and they have several lacs of users too. but this is not even the point the point is to stand for your identity laws and what is right.

Mangoman | 9 years ago | Reply

Well, its quite a nepotism. ET always publish their friends tweets :( Me sad

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