Stabilising Balochistan: Shahzain Bugti unveils eight-point formula

Calls for Musharraf’s trial, recovery of missing persons and army withdrawal.

Our Correspondent March 03, 2012


President of the Balochistan chapter of Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP), Shahzain Bugti, called on PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif on Friday at his Raiwind estate where he unveiled an eight-point formula for stabilising the restive province.

According to an official statement, Bugti’s formula includes an immediate trial of former military ruler Pervez Musharraf, end to the ongoing military operations in Balochistan and withdrawal of Army troops from the province, recovery of over 13,000 missing persons, and ‘abolition of the no-go area status’ of Dera Bugti.

He also called for unmasking the intelligence officials who were behind the murder of his grandfather Nawab Akbar Bugti, end to dumping of mutilated bodies and abolition of three garrisons in Kohlu, Gwadar and Dera Bugti which were built during the Musharraf era.

Nawaz Sharif reiterated that unless the government arrested the killers of Akbar Bugti and recovered the missing persons, the PML-N would not participate in any all-party conference on Balochistan.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 3rd, 2012.

Correction: Earlier, Shahzain Bugti was incorrectly termed as BNP leader in the picture caption. The error has been rectified.

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Zak | 9 years ago | Reply

Who is to say it is the army doing the killing? In karachi, when the killing was happening where was the army? There is no army in baluchistn only the FC. People fail to mention the human rights abuse when soldiers and majors are martyred. The Baluch tribes are fighting each other and with people making these comments it is potentially dangerous because people can misuse this perception of army being the killers and start their own serial killing of their enemies and then cry wolf. People believe anything said about pakistan army negatively! What about the bravery and peace role of our blue cap UN soldiers. Be proud that Pakistan contributes the most soldiers on ground in Africa mainly. What happened in Swat. Why does telegraph not talk about drone attrocities?

Shaikh Mohommad | 9 years ago | Reply

Army operation resulted in the creation of Bangla Desh and now Army operations are continuing in more than one location. And the Army sits quiet when US drones kills people. Things have come to a boiling point in Balochistan. Only the trial of Musharraf and the General of Pakistan Army who have killed people in Balochistan. "This gruesome parade of corpses has been surfacing in Balochistan, Pakistan's largest province, since last July. Several human rights groups, including Amnesty International, have accounted for more than 100 bodies – lawyers, students, taxi drivers, farm workers. Most have been tortured. The last three were discovered on Sunday. If you have not heard of this epic killing spree, though, don't worry: neither have most Pakistanis. Newspaper reports from Balochistan are buried quietly on the inside pages, cloaked in euphemisms or, quite often, not published at all. The forces of law and order also seem to be curiously indifferent to the plight of the dead men. Not a single person has been arrested or prosecuted; in fact, police investigators openly admit they are not even looking for anyone. The stunning lack of interest in Pakistan's greatest murder mystery in decades becomes more understandable, however, when it emerges that the prime suspect is not some shady gang of sadistic serial killers, but the country's powerful military and its unaccountable intelligence men.

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