Religious festival: Celebrating Guru Shadharam’s 303rd birthday in Ghotki

His disciple, Saant Yudhister Laal, came from India to inaugurate the event.

Sarfaraz Memon December 25, 2011


The three-day celebrations for the 303rd birth anniversary of Sat Guru Saant Shadharam began on Sunday afternoon at Shadhani Darbar in Hayat Pitafi village, around five kilometres away from Mirpur Mathelo in Ghotki district.

As per tradition, Saant Yudhister Laal, the disciple of Saant Shadharam came from Raipur, in India, to inaugurate the celebrations. A delegation of 38 men and eight women yatris also came with him via Jaffer Express.

The events include, Hawan Agya (fire worship), Path Sahib (recitation of religious worship), Jariyan (putting a sacred thread around the necks of adolescent boys), and a mass wedding.

The caretaker of the Shadhani Darbar, Bhai Jay Ram Das, said that the celebrations begin with Hawan Agya. A fire is lit on the grounds and everyone gathers around it to pray.

He said that the Path Sahib, Ashloks (singing religious songs) and distribution of free food continues all the three days. The second day is marked by Jariyan – when sacred threads are put around the necks of boys from right to 8 to 15 years old, as sort of a growing up ritual. He referred to circumcision in Muslim boys and said that the Hindu boys go through Jariyan.

The mass weddings are also usually held on the second day. Das said that around 13 couples will tie the knot this year with the blessing of Yudhister Lal.

The couples who get married are usually from poor families and the entire expenditure is borne by the well-to-do families of the community. The devotees also come to bearing gifts for the new couples.

Yudhister Lal comes every year from Raipur India to grace the occasion.

After the celebrations conclude on Tuesday, the disciple and his delegation will visit other temples in Mirpur Mathelo, Khanpur Mahar and Momal Ji Mari near Ghotki. They will also visit the historic Sadho Bello temple in Sukkur before they go back to India.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 26th, 2011.


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