Attack on Chaudhry Aslam’s house: Parents rally ahead of hearing on police in neighbourhood

Petition seeking relocation of high risk-targets, Darakhshan lockup to be heard today.

Rabia Ali November 23, 2011

KARACHI: Concerned parents took to the streets again on Wednesday in a fresh attempt to have the Darakshan police station lockups shifted away from their children’s schools.

Though there were barely 50 of them gathered in front of the police station, they made sure they were loud enough to force the SHO out of his office to take notice. The peaceful protest was a prelude to today’s hearing of the residents’ and parents’ petition filed in the Sindh High Court that also calls for the relocation of high-risk targets such as CID official Chaudhry Aslam’s house.

“Do you want our children exposed to danger?” demanded Nageen Sheikh’s placard. According to her, the police station traumatises the neighbourhood children. “Our children see criminals being dragged to the station with their heads covered,” she explained. “They hear the beatings and their screams. Obviously, they are disturbed and we want a secure environment for them.”

The residents’ reactions were triggered by a suicide attack on Aslam’s house in September that left a Washington International School student, Moeed, and his mother, a teacher at the same school, dead.

Junaid Hamid was dropping his children to school just a lane away from the blast site. He felt that children here have unfortunately become resilient to violence after frequent attacks.

An estimated 5,000 students are said to be studying in the eight schools located in the area. SHO Mohsin Mashadi felt that protesting at the police station will not help the parents make a difference. They should consult the DIG and IG Sindh.

“I understand why the parents are emotional,” he said, “but the police station provides them with 100 per cent security.”

While the parents call for the lockups to be removed, the officer said it was impossible for the police station to function without them. “Criminals have to stay in the lockup for 24 hours before they can be produced before the court,” he explained. “When we have hardened criminals, we increase security.”

Some parents, like Dania, said that they would be going to court to support the hearing today. The solitary student, Shanzay Hasan of the CAS school, recalls how the windows of her school had shattered in the blast and said that the students are still very scared.

No compensation for damaged homes:

Amongst the protestors was Shahzad Dadabhoy, one of Aslam’s neighbours. His house was badly damaged in the blast.

Dadabhoy claimed that, while the chief minister had announced compensation for him the very next day, he has yet to receive the money. Dadabhoy’s driver and his son were also killed in the blast and their families have not been compensated either.

“I am rebuilding my house on my own now. I have received no money,” said Dadabhoy who was also injured after stepping on broken glass. He is currently staying with his in-laws. While he was representing the residents, he was disappointed with his neighbour’s response. While the schools are participating actively, residents are not serious about taking precautions or raising their voices, he complained.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 24th, 2011.


hrzee | 10 years ago | Reply

Friends … Nobody can buy peace & harmony It’s only the logical and practical arrangements which can help in bringing the peace and safety in your surroundings and environment

We have to think positively, and to ensure that all our youth should get a protected and safe environment around their lives, houses, schools, and grounds

Don’t you want to see a magical and sweet smile on the faces of the CHILDREN

Or you want to see sacred faces and minds full of doubts as what will happen next

The reason we all took this step to raise our voice against the present location of “Thanna” (Police station) which is surrounded by 8 schools with more than 5,000 children, around 1,200 staff members serving them, and almost the same number of parents come to drop and pick their kids from the premises

Now think, is this seems logical to have a Thanna in between the schools premises, where they bring high target criminals, like terrorists, murderers, dacoits, murdered bodies of the people, accidental and blown up cars/vehicles, and on many occasions, people/groups/Unions come and demonstrate in front of Thanna, showing and carry automatic weapons, chanting slogans on the loudspeakers during the school timing and abusing the authorities infront of the children.

Logically this Thanna should be re-located at a place which should be more convenient for all even for the police thanna staff and it should be placed near sea view village restaurant which has an ample space with open grounds and is not crowded with innocent children.

I hope this explanation is enough for all our friends from Karachi to understand and help us in improving the environment

Believe me it’s the first step towards safety, and the residents of DHA will be standing with you any where in Karachi on your first call for any such event and better cause to save our children .

Cheers for the day :)

Akbar Khan | 10 years ago | Reply

I live in Clifton and I can have Mr. Aslam or any other Targeted High Profile VIP living next to me. I can tolerate a Thana in my lane as well, what I don't want is a Bulls Eye placed smack in the middle of 5000 children and then sit and wait for somebody to bomb it. If your children are at risk in this manner, come out of your little comfort zones and demand safety and security as it was meant to be provided to you.

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