Twitter Alert: Bros before memos?

Following Haqqani's tweet that he had tendered his resignation, the Twitter world was sent into frenzy.

Web Desk November 22, 2011

When Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani tweeted that he had asked Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani to accept his resignation following Memogate, the Twitter world was sent into frenzy.

Shortly after it was officially announced that Prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani had accepted Haqqani’s resignation.

People across Twitter remained divided over the resignation, with some praising the ambassador even as other attacked him for his involvement in memogate.

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PM says Haqqani's resignation important to carry out immediate and independent inquiry


Haqqani has resigned and done the right thing!


If the govt thinks this will end with HH's resignation, they are mistaken. The khakis don't stop at the easiest way out.


Haqqani says I offered my resignation. PM spox says he was asked to resign. Typical Pakistani pettiness or a sign of something more ominous?


Saddened to hear of @husainhaqqani s resignation. He is one of the finest people to have ever represented us in an international forum


Dear PPP, this is what happens when you waste the opportunities to make these generals accountable for their incompetence.


@husainhaqqani I'm afraid it's checkmate on this one. Your enthusiasm indicates matter was amicably resolved, which is good for Pakistan.


Pakistan has lost its best ambassador. Thank you for the services & good luck to you for future endeavours @HussainHaqqani


Some in Pakistan can't/won't appreciate all he did 4 his country. Husain Haqqani resigns as Pakistan's Ambassador 2 US


Amb Haqqani needs to watch @ShomanMansoor 's Bol and gain inspiration from Humaima Malick's character . speak out & make a full disclosure


What he was alleged to do is a fireable offense. No one can argue. Now, whether he is guilty or not, I don't know. But neither do you.


Bros before memos

jeremyscahill jeremy scahill

oh snap! RT @attackerman Husain Haqqani #stuffwhitepeoplelike


Usman | 10 years ago | Reply

Some in Pakistan can’t/won’t appreciate all he did 4 his country. Husain Haqqani resigns as Pakistan’s Ambassador 2 US

At least it's good to know some in US appreciate what he did for their country

sid rush | 10 years ago | Reply

AZ dream at best King of pakistan or at worst Emir of sindh under US/India protection. Two road blocks PML-N and Army. Was biding his time to kill both in a two step: first work with NS to contain and subjugate Army then destroy NS. This for next 100 yrs, lost JAB, BZ so better destroy army when you can, look for 100bb investments as Emir in a protectorate,

His mqm containment is to prepare for Emir of Sindh.

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