'Pressure to slow down verification of degrees'

A meeting between prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Dr Javed Leghari.

Express July 19, 2010

A meeting between prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Dr Javed Leghari was held at the prime minister house in Islamabad on Monday.

The HEC chairman apprised the prime minister about the verification of the degrees of parliamentarians and the pressure he is facing from differnet circles to slow down the process.

Leghari also informed Gilani about a request by Sindh university officials, who have asked for two more months to finalise the verification of the degrees of various parliamentarians. The HEC chairman complained to the prime minister about the harassment his family is facing in the wake of the arrest of his brother Farooq Leghari.

Observers argue the arrest of Farooq Leghari, Javed’s brother, by the Sindh government on corruption charges is part of the effort to deter the HEC chairman from conducting the scrutiny freely.

The Chairman's brother, Farooq Laghari on Monday said that he did not know why he has became a target of revenge. He was granted bail but his release was not confirmed because courts were informed about more cases against him.

The former DCO Farooq Laghari said that he was unaware of whether he has been granted bail or not.

Meanwhile, his sister Najma Laghari also spoke to media and said that she has met her brother and he had informed her about his problems but it cannot be said clearly if this is happening because of their brother Dr Javed Lagahri.

She also said that they do not have any information if more cases will be filed on Farooq Laghari.


Saif | 11 years ago | Reply I say, if this man resigns over the issue, I will personally hold a demonstration outside the CM house and every other place!!!!!
John Donne | 11 years ago | Reply What a wonderful comment, and whom have you assigned the job. Mr Faisal? Either you are dead drunk or you have a superb sense of humor. That's what I like about the Tribune: it offers entertainment!
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