Pasha meets Petraeus in Washington to discuss Haqqani network

Third high level meeting on Haqqani Network in a week. While US military training to Pakistani troops suspended.

Huma Imtiaz September 21, 2011

WASHINGTON: Amidst growing pressure on Pakistan to act against the Haqqani Network, Pakistan ISI chief General Ahmed Shuja Pasha visited Washington DC quietly on Tuesday for a one day visit to meet with his CIA counterpart General David Petraeus.

As first reported by Washington Post, the CIA officially declined to comment on whether the meeting had taken place. However, sources said that General Pasha had met with David Petraeus, CIA officials at the CIA headquarters in Langley and separately with senior White House officials at Ambassador Husain Haqqani's residence in Washington before leaving for Islamabad. The Post reported that the Haqqani Network was the focus of their discussions.

The meeting between the intelligence chiefs was the third high level meeting in a week to discuss the Haqqani Network and its presence in Pakistan. With US officials urging Pakistan to take action. On Sunday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar in New York, where the first and last thing discussed was the Haqqani Network.

On Friday, US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen met COAS General Kayani in Seville, Spain for four hours, where he reiterated his desire for Pakistan to take action against the group.

On Tuesday, Admiral Mullen had said that he had no doubt that the Haqqani Network was responsible for the attacks on the US Embassy and NATO HQ in Kabul on September 13, and the attack on US soldiers in Wardak on September 11 in Afghanistan. Admiral Mullen also said that the ISI, supporting proxies, must disengage from this part of their strategy.

US military trainings in Pakistan suspended

With calls of 'do more' coming from both sides among plummeting bi-lateral relations, US military, which had been training Pakistani troops, has suspended their programs upon request from the Pakistani government.

The US Department of Defence spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Elizabeth Robbins told The Express Tribune that “The number of US military personnel has been reduced and training has been suspended at the request of the Government of Pakistan.”

The spokesperson further said that while personnel had been reduced, the US military will continue deployment of a small contingent to provide support and help coordinate attacks with NATO.

“We will maintain a small presence of US military to conduct security cooperation, respond to future requests for support and to preserve military-to-military ties. We will also continue to work with the Pakistan military to improve coordination with NATO forces in Afghanistan,” the statement read.


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a.q | 9 years ago | Reply

We live in dreamland. We always talk in sleeping pills. I read all the above comments above, more or less are the same with emotion and excitement. I would like to put a question whether the present fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan is according to injunction of Islam. While suicide himself is one of the major sin in Islam and he who does comit suicide will go to hell. Be one one nation. Inspite of thinking over fighting we should do better for poor people of pakistan, like education,health, get rid of poverty,create jobs,equal justice to every people of pakistan. It looks all the peple of pakistan are slave of 500 families who have been always in governmwent and treasury of pakistan in their hands, making the people fool in the name of stone age culture while their children are studying in those countries who are fighting with taliban in Afghanistan.**strong text

Megatron | 9 years ago | Reply

@ Khan: First you need to come out of history as the people who remain in history never succeed...Secondly you need to change your name from "Khan" coz real khans like Taliban(who have given tough time to americans) are warriors and they are not scared of death....US and others are fighting with Muslims in Afghanistan...We are not scared of death as we know when we die in the name of Allah we will be in heaven whereas in case of US,India,NATO service members,Japan etc ,who they will die for??? Christians or jews can never be your your eyes before it's too late and try to spend some time understanding Quran Kareem.....Allah has once again shown/proven to the world that a super power like US is defeated by persons who live in old age and who do not possess weapons and still by their will and EEmaan they defeated US and its allies....

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