Angelina Jolie hit with new blow in legal battle with Brad Pitt

The former power couple continues to battle over the $400 million business.

Pop Culture & Art May 22, 2024

Angelina Jolie has faced another legal setback in her ongoing dispute with Brad Pitt over their Chateau Miraval estate.

According to the Daily Mail, an LA Superior Court judge has ordered the actress to disclose every NDA she signed with third parties from 2014 to 2022.

The publicized documents are part of the contentious battle over her right to sell their French vineyard and home.

Jolie sold her $62 million stake to Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler in 2021, which Pitt claims violated their agreement to offer each other the right of first refusal.

NDAs have become central to the dispute after Jolie alleged that Pitt asked her to sign one as part of their business deal, which she viewed as an attempt to control her post-split.

Pitt’s attorneys argue that Jolie’s NDA objection was a cover story to justify selling her stake without his knowledge.

They also claim Jolie herself used NDAs strategically and demanded Pitt sign one during their divorce settlement talks.

Judge Lia Martin dismissed Jolie's objections that her NDAs were irrelevant, siding with Pitt’s team and requiring Jolie to produce all NDAs she proposed or received, finalized or not.

This includes NDAs by companies she controls and documents explaining the reasons for these agreements within 60 days.

A source close to Pitt stated, "Angelina chose to make NDAs a battleground, and now her strategy appears to have backfired. Her defense has been exposed as a house of cards, and this ruling is a significant setback for her."

This ruling comes shortly after Jolie was accused of trying to alienate Pitt from their six children following their split.


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