Is Eloise’s character in ‘Bridgerton’ Queer?

Claudia Jessie, actress portraying Eloise Bridgerton has opened up about the Eloise’s sexuality

Pop Culture & Art May 17, 2024
Courtesy: Netflix

Actress Claudia Jessie, known for her portrayal of Eloise Bridgerton in the Netflix series ‘Bridgerton,’ has expressed openness to the possibility of her character having a queer storyline. Which aligns with the speculation amongst fans regarding Eloise's sexual orientation.

Eloise, the second-eldest Bridgerton daughter and fifth-eldest sibling, was introduced in season two as a character who displays a strong aversion to marriage and the societal norms of Regency London.

While Julia Quinn's novels, the source material for ‘Bridgerton,’ depict Eloise marrying a man, the Netflix series has previously deviated from the books, leaving room for potential changes to the character's storyline.

As reported by Business Insider Claudia Jessie acknowledges the "coding" that fans have observed in Eloise's character, suggesting that it could potentially lead to a queer storyline, which she finds "touching".

Eloise has already explored unconventional romance on screen, notably with Theo Sharpe, a politically active printing assistant, in season two.

However, their relationship was cut short by scandal when Lady Whistledown, the show's anonymous gossip columnist (later revealed to be Eloise's friend Penelope Featherington), reported on their association with radicals. This was the revelation that strained Eloise's friendship with Penelope.

The format of ‘Bridgerton’ suggests that if the show continues (currently renewed through season four), Eloise will have her own season focused on romance.

While specific details remain unknown, Claudia Jessie emphasizes the potential for Eloise's character arc, noting that there is "so much room to play" with her character.



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