Medical report casts ‘doubts on Imran’s mental health’

Health minister says alcohol, cocaine found in PTI chief’s urine samples; rubbishes claims of fracture in his leg

Imran Khan and Abdul Qadir Patel. PHOTO: FILE


Revealing the findings of a medical report of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, Health Minister Qadir Patel on Friday claimed that the former prime minister was not of sound mind and that traces of alcohol and cocaine were found in his urine samples.

Addressing a news conference in the metropolis, the minister also rubbished the claims of a fracture in Imran’s leg following an assassination attempt on him in Wazirabad last year. He said that he would seek disciplinary action against the doctors who “wrongly” declared that his leg was fractured.

“Imran Khan’s mental stability is questionable as per his medical report,” the minister said, adding that a five-member panel of senior doctors said that “when we talked to Imran for a long time, his actions were not that of a fit man”.

Initial report of Imran’s urine sample, he continued, also showed evidence of toxic chemicals.

Imran underwent a medical check immediately after his arrest on May 9, which is a requirement under the Pakistani laws.

Patel said that the media report was a “public document” now and that he would make it public.

During the medical examination, the minister said, Imran’s urine sample was also taken but he could not release the report until the full report was prepared. However, he added, the initial report indicated rampant use of alcohol and cocaine.

The minister said that Imran went around with a plaster cast applied to his leg for five to six months but there was no mention of any fracture in his medical report. “Have you ever seen anyone having plaster cast for a wound on the skin or muscle,” he asked.

Patel added that he would write to the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council’s (PMDC) disciplinary committee to summon the doctors who “wrongly” declared fracture in Imran’s leg.

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Patel also fired a broadside at Imran, holding him responsible for “destroying the culture of politeness, respect, and political tolerance in our politics”. He added that the PTI was not a party but a cult that destroyed the social fabric.

“Being a narcissist, he is incessant in his lies and calls it the truth. This narcissist has been inciting people and diverting the youth towards the wrong path,” he said, his mental health is “questionable”.

He termed Imran “a narcissist”, who “should be kept in a museum”.

PTI to sue minister

Reacting to the minister’s news conference, the PTI said it would pursue legal action against Patel. The party said the decision to sue Patel was taken with Imran’s approval and its legal team under Barrister Abuzar Salman Niazi had initiated the preparations.

Separately, PTI leader Farrukh Habib issued a harsh rejoinder to the health minister’s claims.

“The minister’s claims are an example of “shamelessness and vulgarity”, he said, adding that the PTI would not tolerate such “nonsense” nor permit it.




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