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The new website allows students and teachers to interact in a more meaningful manner.

Mehwish Khan August 17, 2011

A new web portal, exclusive to the people of Pakistan, has now been launched, allowing students and teachers to interact in a manner that offers a more meaningful educational experience. helps students make informed decisions regarding their education while it assists teachers in managing their time and resources in a better way.

Across Pakistan, students and teachers often find it difficult to locate a teacher. Even more of an issue is the difficulty in locating a teacher of certain caliber. has made this easier.  Students and parents can now search for qualified teachers and view their profiles prior to making a selection which in result will greatly enhance the overall educational experience.

Upon registration, students get access to review profiles of thousands of teachers from various fields of study. In addition, the website also allows students to post a request for a teacher via the teacher request board.

Students also have the opportunity to decide whether they wish to obtain services either on monthly or on a per-lecture basis. Services may also be requested for online sessions through the website.

To facilitate the review process for everyone, students are able to rate teachers after they have acquired services or if they have a past experience with a teacher on the site. As a result, every teacher on the website has a viewable rating.

Tools needed by teachers and students to better manage their educational and occupational experiences are easily accessible.

Both teachers and students can visit the site to learn more about the various services offered.

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