Advancing acting careers using religious extremism seems to be quite in: Armeena Khan

Actor has taken a dig without naming names and we're forced to wonder who she's referring to.

Entertainment Desk October 06, 2021

Armeena Rana Khan, who’s no stranger to needless trolling, calling spade a spade and time and again, taking to Twitter to pen down her thoughts and latest disappointments, has once again shared her feelings about extremism playing its way into Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

Without worrying about the consequences and rightfully so, the actor pointed out in a tweet yesterday, “Advancing acting careers using religious extremism seems to be quite the ‘in’ thing these days.” She then asked with a giggling emoji, “Can’t make it without huh?”

The Bin Roye star elaborated on her jibe in another tweet, “I’ve also observed that no matter what religion you follow, if you’re an extremist then your interpretation of that religion will be extreme also.” On the contrary, she reinstated how a “well-balanced person” will interpret their religion with just that; “balance.”

Although Armeena didn’t name anyone, quite a few celebrities have recently either quit acting to follow a religious path – case in point, Sanam Chaudhry – or are still a part of the industry to further the ‘paighaam’ of religion – case in point, Feroze Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi.

In September 2020, Hamza had clarified in Express Entertainment's Kasoti Online, “I haven't left acting. In fact, I am currently working on two projects. My perspective of life has been changed since I realised that I have to meet my God. With this realisation, I now wish to talk to people, spread the message.” While Feroze had told Something Haute in December 2020, "My Sheikh ordered me not to quit showbiz. My mentor believes this industry is also a medium to spread the ‘paighaam’ of religion.”

Nevertheless, to counter her claims, a few netizens have accused Armeena of using "western white feminism" – if that's even a thing – to gain popularity. "What an imperialist mindset!" mocked a user. In response, Armeena tackled, "I don’t expect people like you to understand and neither should you engage with me. Thanks."

A user sharing Armeena's views, however, quipped, "Unfortunately it still doesn’t seem to be working for Sadaf and Shahroz. Both only seem to be working in terrible dramas." But to clarify, Armeena replied, "See I’m not making a comment on individuals, I never do but rather on the trend as a whole. The damage being inflicted on the public for short term gains is astronomical. It is alarming to watch, quite frankly, how brazenly this is being done."

Another user pointed out, "Religion sells. If nothing else, a garb of religiosity endears them [public figures] to the public." Adding to the remark, the Janaan star continued, "I swear! Normally, I don’t have an issue with how people conduct their business but the damage here is so deep that it becomes imperative for good people to speak out. Otherwise, these people will ruin the world for the rest of us and they already are. Look at the violence."

In another tweet she quipped, "Religion use kerkay logon ko ullu banao (Use religion to make a fool out of people)." She also clarified that this remark of hers is A-political. "This is a non-political tweet. I am commenting on my industry."

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