STEP Schools by Punjab Group of Colleges revolutionises the education paradigm of Pakistan

STEP curriculum focuses on empowering the young minds of tomorrow with an innovative learning experience

STEP Schools
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Education is considered to be a significant determinant in contributing to socio-economic growth in a country. In the past few decades, in Pakistan, the educational landscape has experienced numerous changes with the escalation in the number of schools and corresponding increase in enrolment. Despite such educational advancements, the country has not been able to inculcate lifelong skills in students that may lead to economic development. Reason? Lack of meaningful technological integration in classrooms, untrained teachers and limited understanding of the holistic development of children of this new generation are the prime causes.

Punjab Group of Colleges, a renowned name of academic excellence for 36 years, initiated a private project for primary education in the name of STEP Schools to cater each child, for every child is different. STEP Schools strive to produce socio-economic wealth through modern education with affordable fee structure to provide 21st century teaching and learning.

STEP is dedicated to providing high-quality education to its students via its meaningful curriculum, allowing them to reach their full potential for growth through dialogue, creativity, and collaboration, with a focus on learning and innovation. STEP Curriculum imparts students with learning opportunities that promote independence and lifelong learning. Students take charge of their own learning and develop into explorers who can use their curiosity to deal with real-world challenges.

STEP curriculum is centred around 21st century skills using the STEAM approach, project-based learning (PBL), information and communication technology (ICT), Robotics, and student-centred learning

The schools have incorporated 4Cs (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity), problem solving, modern learning techniques, and have applied approaches into their curriculum while developing it. In fact, to assess the academic progress of a student throughout the year, their final progress report includes not only their exam paper grades, but also the percentage of classroom engagement, informal testing, homework regularity and timeliness, notebook conditions, project-based learning, extracurricular activities, and community service.

With its thoroughly designed 21st century curriculum and techniques, STEP Schools are ready to deliver the remarkable services to cater different preferences of parents and children of this millennium. To help students excel in their personal and professional lives,these services are structured with the help of research, field experts and modern techniques and tools.

Following are the services that STEP Schools offer to its stakeholders:


Technological advancements are transforming the way kids’ study, connect and engage. STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, linguistics and mathematics) is a curriculum that combines science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics to assist students acquire problem-solving skills, ensuring that all students have equal chances and a better understanding of the dynamics of the world. Students are introduced to subjects like coding, computing, and robotics at a young age in order to pique their interest in STEAM education.

Project Based Learning

Students' overall growth is aided by project-based learning (PBL), which allows them to gradually achieve their individual potential. The curriculum projects provide all students with a myriad of activities, hands-on experience, and learning opportunities, guiding students' learning in a meaningful way that reflects their interests and the demands of modern times. Their Project assignment highlights a genuine, real-world problem that allows students to interact with concrete data and facts, which they process using conscious reasoning and critical thinking to generate knowledge and understanding.

Student Counselling

Managing learning behaviour is performed by teachers to teach behaviour management to students by modelling appropriate behaviour and acting as calm and cool instructors. Students learn to pay attention in class, participate in class discussions, stay on track, and take ownership of their activities. Career Counselling service is arranged by their specialist counsellors who advise students on subject selection, available careers, college selection, and admission requirements, among other things.


BISE Mentoring & Grooming Programme

This programme presents students with an academic counselling, that enables them to achieve higher matriculation results. From the beginning of the session until the end of the academic year, guidelines are supplied on the nature and pattern of board exams, prerequisites and necessary requirements, grading systems, roll numbers, and examination centres, among other things. Resources like sample quality essays, a pool of questions on various topics, and last year's solved papers are all available for students. Skills regarding attempting question papers, neatness, time management, maintaining exam pressure, handwriting and conducting science practical tests are all covered under this programme.

Digital Infrastructure

In this era of technology, STEP Schools stepped up their education standards with the complete assimilation of technology in their education system through the introduction of online portal for teachers and students separately. CLMS gives STEP Schools instructors access to a selection of tools created by the Academics Department specifically for them. Teachers can use these tools to create more effective lesson plans for kids with various learning styles.

LMS is a student-focused portal. Practice worksheets, homework, video lectures, and special assignments are given to each student individually. This is a popular choice among parents, kids, and educators because of the ease of access via mobile apps and the user-friendly layout. SIMS provides parents with the ability to obtain information about their children at their leisure. Parents learn about attendance, significant announcements, exam schedules, and notifications, among other things. RMS enables schools to electronically prepare the results and analyse the overall and individual subject results in order to develop strategies to improve students' performance. TMS is in charge of STEP Schools' Teacher Training Programme which aims to improve teaching and learning techniques.

STEP's 'Resource Room' is a distinct, well-equipped classroom where students practise using technology and benefit from it. These rooms empower teachers to help students achieve their learning objectives more effectively and cooperatively by utilising technology. LEDs, multimedia, sound systems, interactive whiteboards, and other technology have been installed in such rooms.

Home-School Partnership

STEP Schools believe in the harmonious partnership between parents and teachers for the bright future of a student. They create specific guidelines and material for parents to assist them in participating in this learning partnership. Teachers collaborate with parents to ensure that pupils believe that learning continues at home.

Teachers Excellence Pursuit Programme

Keeping in view the essentiality of Teachers' training, the administration established Teachers Excellence Pursuit Programme (TEPP). It is a tangible manifestation of its belief in continual professional development for teachers to provide high-quality service to the students. The purpose of TEPP is to build a community of educators who are committed to using a student-centred approach to implement the STEP curriculum and help children become autonomous learners.

STEP Student Government

STEP Student Government is a forum where students perform tasks of assisting instructors and administrators in maintaining discipline, monitoring internal and external activities, in house events and societies under the supervision of a manager (a faculty member). They also manage the budgeting and allocation of resources and facilities, giving students first-hand experience and knowledge of important professional skills like leadership, communication, planning and organisation, market research, and budgeting; all of which can help them prepare for exciting future career opportunities.

STEP Community Service Programme

The STEP Community Service Program facilitates students in becoming active citizens of their communities. Students at STEP are given opportunity to interact with persons who are experiencing challenges (socially, medically, economically, or otherwise) and to make a difference in their life. This enables children to grow into a loving and devoted individual who is more aware of, and understands the communities in which they live in.

Edge over other schools?

It is believed that private schools take up more than half of an average man’s salary that makes it difficult for middle class community to have the privilege of high-quality education for their children. This is why STEP Schools offer affordable, but quality education facility to cater students belonging to every class. It has acquired a unique position in the market due to its modern and excellent services to its stakeholders.

  • 21st Century learning with standardized curriculum and booklist
  • Scholarships, financial aid and Indemnity (Educational insurance)
  • Sibling discount
  • Inter-school student transfer facility
  • Interactive learning environment along with smart education tools in classrooms
  • Emphasis on life skills
  • Continuous assessment process to evaluate the performance of each student
  • Well optimised web portal to provide complete performance evaluation of students through dedicated portal IDs for the parents
  • Ease of access for parents to their child’s record through STEP Schools Mobile App
  • Regular intimation of attendance and other important notifications through SMS
  • Regular co-curricular activities such as arts & crafts, physical education, games, inter-school competitions, educational trips and sports events



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