Morning: Best time to have your java boost

Reap more benefits from your cup of coffee by drinking it the right way at the right time

August 13, 2021
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Are you also a roll-out-of-bed, and shuffle-to-the-coffee-pot kind of caffeine like us? Coffee is among the most popular beverages across the world. Some people drink it to wake up, while others like its stimulation effect and the ability to give them an energy boost. Although, we like to think that the best time to inhale a cup o’ joe is… well, all the time, the truth is there’s actually some science behind the best time to drink coffee.

Why coffee has more benefits in the morning?

Whether you’re looking for a way to commence your day off right or just need to focus on an upcoming meeting or exam, mid-to-late morning is deemed to be the best time to sip your brew, when the cortisol levels start dipping back down.

According to a multitude of studies, cortisol is a hormone that keeps us focused and alert. It also helps regulate our metabolism, blood pressure, and even immune system response. However, high levels of cortisol can be harmful. Hence, it's advisable to wait for the cortisol levels to settle, and then enjoy a fresh cup of coffee to feel more relaxed and calmer. In fact, drinking coffee at that time is incredibly beneficial for our health and beauty.

Coffee contains myriad essential nutrients, such as vitamins, potassium, magnesium and several antioxidants that help boost our health is different ways unfathomable. Let’s look at a few reasons why why starting your morning with a cup of joe may be good for you.

#1 Boosts heart health

Several pieces of research reveal that drinking coffee in moderate amounts may actually protect us against cardiovascular diseases and reduce the risk of heart failure. A study concluded that people who drink coffee regularly may have a significantly lower risk of stroke.

#2 Good for diabetes

Coffee brewed from premium-roasted beans has proved to be successful in regulating insulin levels and diabetes, according to some researchers. For instance, a review of more than 18 studies concluded that drinking a cup of coffee daily could help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by over 6%.

#4 Improves mood

Coffee is packed with the goodness of caffeine, which helps reduce fatigue and increases dopamine levels in the brain. Since dopamine is a feel-good hormone, it mediates pleasure in the brain, leading to the coffee lovers feeling stress-free and happy as they experience a lift in their mood.

#4 Aids weight loss

Research has disclosed that caffeine may help boost your increase rate by 4-11%. Many studies also propose that caffeine has fat-burning properties because it hampers the production of fat cells. Therefore, chugging some heartwarming coffee in the morning can kick start your efforts to achieve the summer bod you’ve been dreaming of all this while!

If you’re someone who relishes your morning coffee, carry on! However, keep in mind that the timing of your consumption can help you reap maximum benefits offered by coffee, while reducing strain on your adrenal glands, and optimising your overall health.




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