Sindhi nationalists protest against restoration of the LG system

Condemned the restoration of the LG system, claim it as a conspiracy to divide Sindh.

Sohail Khattak August 09, 2011

KARACHI: Members of civil society, legal fraternity and political activists declared the restoration of the Sindh Local Government Ordinance (SLGO) as a conspiracy to divide Sindh.

While staging a demonstration in front of Karachi Press Club here on Tuesday, protestors condemned the restoration of the SLGO and demanded an end to conspiracies against Sindh.

They were holding placards and banners and shouting slogans against the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) government for restoring the LG system. Awami Lawyers Association president Deedar Chandio said, “We condemn this move of the government and we demand them to stop these conspiracies against Sindh”.

Faiz Ahmed Siddiqui, a member of the civil society told the Express Tribune, “We are Sindh lovers and we do not like to see Sindh divided on any bases”, adding that they are here because they gave their vote to the PPP but the party did not accomplish what they had promised in their manifesto.

He further said that they wanted peace in the province which cannot be restored with guns and that after the 18th amendment, provinces were free to set their internal problems but instead Babar Awan ,who is part of the federal government, came and decided the fate of the Sindhi people.

“Where is the provincial autonomy when Babar Awan and Governor who are both part of the federal government set the issues of Sindh?” said Siddiqui.

He said that they had no political aims  and just wanted the government to take such decisions after proper discussion on the floor of the assembly.

“We don’t accept one sided decisions that are made at midnights”, said Siddiqui.

The protest was organised using social media networking site, Facebook.


sunny | 12 years ago | Reply

Well said bhai "why all the fuss???". just ponder why some people are against the democratic LG system and instead interested bring in "gora sahib's" obsolete system.

Sindhi bhai | 12 years ago | Reply

People, people for God sake get educated and stop being so ignorant. This LG system is for the betterment of Sindh. When people want democracy, then they should be able to move forward and not backward. Karachi and Hyderabad especially are a dynamic forward moving cities and they are very suitable for the LG system. No wonder Karachi and Hyderabad are economically so successful that most people like to move there and look for better opportunities. Karachi is not new to the LG system. So why all the fuss???

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