Police investigate the 22-year-old found with his ears missing

Officials feel they know who is behind the killing but are powerless to catch them.

Express August 07, 2011


Abid Baig, 22, left for his job at a sweet factory at 6 am Wednesday morning but never made it. His body was found a day later bearing signs of having been badly beaten up and bleeding gaps where his ears should have been.

Officials investigating the killing believe that Lyari’s gangsters are behind the incident. The body was found from Ghazi Nagar in Usmanabad, in the Garden police limits. His brother, Mairaj, told The Express Tribune that Abid was abducted by armed men. He left in the company van and just two hours later the family found out that Abid had been kidnapped near Kalakot. The family had no idea what to do or who to seek help from.

The behaviour of the police left the terrified family bewildered. They went to Kalakot and Garden police stations to register a complaint about the crime but no official was ready to file the complaint. “The Kalakot police officials told us to go to the Garden police station and they sent us right back to Kalakot. That’s all they said to us,” said Mairaj. “And once we found the body, both police stations kept calling us, asking us to register a FIR.”

“Those wicked people tortured my brother for 26 hours,” said another brother of the victim, Irfan. “I doubt there was a single bone in his body that was not broken. They cut off his ears, and then shot him in the head, the bullet whizzed from one ear hole to the other.”

Abid was said to be associated with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement Unit-32, but his family said that he did not work for any political party. He said that everyone knows who is behind the killing of his brother but who can do anything. He said that the gangsters of Lyari are killing innocent people and police also aware of their activities but they stay silent. “The police and the gangsters work together,” said Irfan. “My brother is dead now, we are not interested in any investigation.”

Investigation officer Mohammad Hanif told The Express Tribune that the area from where the victim was kidnapped and from where his body was found is dominated by Lyari’s gangsters. He said that the way the victim was murdered indicated that gangsters were involved. “Everyone knows these gangsters are responsible for this murder,” said Hanif. “But nobody is fearless enough to appear as a witness.”

Published in The Express Tribune, August 7th, 2011.

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