Indians are better than Pakistanis in ethics: Rabi Pirzada

The singer has also expressed empathy for Adnan Sami deeming all the hate he has received unwarranted

Entertainment Desk July 10, 2020

Former signer Rabi Pirzada recently came under fire after posting a series a tweets in which she expressed her frustration with Pakistan. In the posts which have now been deleted Rabi talked about she wants to leave the country while at the same time expressing empathy for singer Adnan Sami.

"There is a reason why people leave Pakistan. Let me confirm today that Indians are much better than us. They never criticized me,” she said. “I apologize for what I have said in the past. This nation does not deserve talent, neither your voice nor my paintings.”

Adnan responded to this by saying, "May Allah SWT always protect you with happiness & good health wherever you choose to live. Love and duas."

In a breif back and forth Rabi went on to apologise to Adnan on behalf of both herself and the nation for 'cursing' him. “We always tried to humiliate you, accuse you of things you didn’t do," Rabi said. " Today when this happened to me I know how you feel. Iam sorry Adnan Bhai."

Adnan then went on to tell Rabi to not heed into negativity. " Be strong. Keep the faith. You’re only answerable to Allah SWT. Most people pass judgement on matters that don’t concern them with little to no knowledge about the truth. They have no right! It’s your life. Live it on your terms."

Following backlash over her comments about Pakistan, Rabi in posts both on Instagram and Twitter clarified that she still loved her country and no amount judgement from people can prove otherwise.

"Pakistan is in my blood. Your words or abusive comments can’t change my feelings for my mother land. But just for ur info, till today its only Pakistani Muslims sharing my data not indians. Does Islam teaches us to do it after one returns to Allah," she said.

Standing by her comments earlier about Pakistan, Rabi talked about how Indians never taunted her. "Indians are better than Pakistani in ethics . They never taunted me or uploaded something which gives me pain, my videos were repeatedly uploaded and shared by Muslims only in Pakistan. And i have a full right to complain my Allah about this Ummat," she said.


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