5 Mobile charging mistakes you should stop making

We often make charging mistakes but here's how you can avoid them

Entertainment Desk June 14, 2020

Mobiles are now are a basic necessity and we cannot imagine our life without them - especially not in this lockdown at least.

With the increase in usage of cellphones and other gadgets, installing safety-approved apps and anti-virus among others is important to maintain a healthy virtual social life. However, one thing people often overlook while looking after their gadgets is how they are charging them, especially mobile phones.

Did you know how you charge your phone can have a direct impact on your electricity bills, safety and lifespan of its battery among others?

As compiled by Pinkvillahere is a list of mistakes you should not be making while charging your phones if you want to make them last longer:

Mistake 1: Leaving charger in the socket

A charger inside the socket will not only lead to more electricity bills as the power gets drawn but it is also very hazardous. The transformer releases heat and the accumulation of heat can lead to fire or short-circuits.

Mistake 2: Letting the battery fully die or charging more than 100%

The batteries in cells are lithium-based batteries and they work in charge cycles. So if you let the battery die means you are slowly destroying the device.

Also, you should not charge till or more than 100%. This is may sound weird but charging it fully can shorten its lifespan because of the precise number of charge cycles.

Another big mistake is charging it beyond 100%. This leads to more electricity bill and disruption of charging cycles or overheating.

Mistake 3: Using the phone while charging 

Draining the phone while it's on charge can put a lot of pressure on batteries. So, if you have to pick up the call, remove it from charging and then put it to charge after the call has ended.

Mistake 4: Keeping the case on while charging

Another thing that heats up the batteries is leaving the phone cover on while charging. The heat gets trapped within the cover and the batteries also get heated up.

#Mistake 5: Usage of generic and random chargers

When you buy a phone, the company gives you a compatible charger. So, make sure you use that one and not other generic chargers. This is also the reason why your phone takes so long to charge with other chargers.

Bottom line
The general rule is to recharge the battery fully once a month and on a daily basis keep it between 20% and 80%.

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