Petition filed against death sentence

Petition filed in SC's Lahore Registry wants death sentences of all prisoners to be converted to life imprisonment.

Express July 25, 2011

LAHORE: A writ petition was filed in the Supreme Court’s Lahore Registry by Barrister Zafar-ullah on Monday to abolish the capital punishment.

The petitioner stated that the death sentence contravenes the constitution of the country which guarantees protection to lives of the people.

The petition also seeks that the death sentences of all prisoners should be converted to life imprisonment.

It argued that all the progressing countries have taken measures to do away with capital punishment.

The petitioner demanded that stay orders be issued on sentences of prisoners who are to be awarded the death sentences.


Dr. Ali Ahmed | 10 years ago | Reply

I don't believe in prison n jail systems, a punishment should be awarded and executed in public such that it makes impact on the masses which will work as a deterrence, that can eventually potentially crime rate can be brought down by upto 90%

samia cahudhry | 10 years ago | Reply

capital punishment is barbaric and belongs to the times of the barbarians.we should abolish all such laws like the blasphemy laws,law of evidence etc. it is time pakistan moved on into the 21st century and shed its addiction to archaic,discriminatory laws and practices.

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