Iranology centre: NUML gets Persian language laboratory

Laboratory sponsored by Iran’s cultural attaché’s office in Islamabad.

Express July 25, 2011

An Iranology Centre and Persian language laboratory have been established at the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) in Pakistan.

Sponsored by Iran’s cultural attaché’s office in Islamabad, the venues opened at the Persian Department of the university during a ceremony on Tuesday.

The function was attended, among others, by Iran’s ambassador to Pakistan Mashallah Shakeri, Iran’s cultural attaché Ali Aqa Nuri and the NUML Rector, Aziz Ahmad Khan.

Aqa Nuri said the centre was capable of improving the teaching of the Persian language, besides providing resources for scholars.

Aziz Ahmad Khan, the national university rector, highlighted the importance of the Persian language department and appreciated the Iran mission’s move to donate equipment for the department.

Terming Persian a language with rich and spiritual roots and highlighting cultural affinities between Pakistan and Iran, he said that the Persian department was established at the university in 1970 as its first language department.

Iran envoy Shakeri highlighted the historical role of the Persian language in Pakistan and said it was an honour for Iranians to witness the establishment of another centre for Persian language in the university.

The centre was set up in line with an agreement between the cultural consulate of the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the NUML.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 25th,  2011.


Adil Suhail | 9 years ago | Reply

It is a good move by NUML. What Pakistan needs today is to move back towards its roots which are actually Persian and are intertwined with Iranian history. Since General Zia's time when Persian literature and culture was suppressed in Pakistan in favor of Wahhabism and Saudi culture, Pakistan has suffered badly and almost all of Pakistan's problems today are because of this. Rediscovering the social roots of Pakistani history can help Pakistan heal and once again become glorious. Not long ago all of Pakistani elites were fluent in Persian but now adays the situation is very bad. Almost all terrorism in Pakistan today are being done by people under influence of Saudi wahabi culture and if these people are again brought back to the roots of the their forefathers with its rich culture, things can be set straight.

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