Pakistan moves closer to releasing imprisoned doctor

Pakistani official says that the doctor did not spy on Pakistan or violate official secrets, reports Guardian.

Express July 15, 2011

Pakistan moved closer to releasing an imprisoned doctor who had helped the CIA track Bin Laden after the country’s spy chief flew to the US to try to rescue intelligence ties between Washington and Islamabad, the Guardian reported.

The ISI chief, Lt-Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha, flew to Washington on Wednesday to seek a patch up in relationship.

The official position towards Dr Shakil Afridi, the subject of weeks of negotiations between the countries, seemed to have softened as a senior Pakistani official said that he may not have known he was working for the CIA.

“If it is confirmed that [Afridi] did not deal with Americans and didn’t know he was working for the CIA, he didn’t break any laws,” the official said.

“He also did not spy on Pakistan or violate the official secrets act. So there may be no reason to charge him,” the official added.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 15th, 2011.


Feroz | 9 years ago | Reply

@Word Life: Brother, America wants Afridi released because Pakistan has been collecting money promising to hunt down terrorists affiliated to Al Qaeda and Taliban, not for protecting them in safe houses. Afridi did what he did because he thought he would be rewarded in his country for helping capture Osama Bin Laden the Worlds best known terrorist. He never knew who was protecting OBL, if he did he would have got himself another job. When the Pakistani Establishment says they are hunting for X what wrong he did in trying to nab OBL ? If I knew there is a big reward for a criminal, I will also hunt for the criminal. Are you upset that the game of deceit and duplicity ended the way it did ?

Bangash | 9 years ago | Reply


I am already "Ghairatmand" as I follow laws, pay taxes and don't dream of conquering whole world with mullah power.

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