The Notepad: Juju Haider

Published: October 11, 2019

Creative Director at Tony & Guy, Juju Haider shares with us her opinion on the latest hair trends as well as some quick hair care tips and tricks to keep your hair in the best shape all year round.

Best hair tips for processed hair?

Look after your hair! Get treatments and use good products! Please don’t skimp on your hair.

What hair styles are trending this season?

I feel like some things just keep coming back every season, like the beach waves and bobs. However the hair accessories, an outgrown messy fringe and centre parts were really huge this season.

Things that people always get wrong at salons?

Getting casual beach waves seem to be the most difficult thing to achieve and most salons are still struggling with getting it just right.

What has been your worst nightmare as a hairstylist?

I once worked with a client who had dyed their hair blue and black at home and wanted to go ash blonde!

What are your personal favourite hair trends?

I love the low, messy pony tail with a centre part. Other than that I also really like messy waves with a centre part.

Tell us your three favourite styling tips.

Pulling your hair back into a tight topknot not only takes two minutes (literally) but also gives an instant face lift and looks super chic. Keeping dry shampoo handy is very important for days when you just can’t make it to the salon and need to give your hair that instant oomph! For all you ladies who complain that they don’t have volume in their hair, throw your head down and blast it dry upside down. Using volume mousse or volume foam will also help in achieving voluminous locks.

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