Thomas Drew learns how to make daal and roti in Pakistan

Published: September 9, 2019

British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Thomas Drew, recently tweeted pictures of himself on Sunday, making Daal and roti and people couldn’t help but admire his proficiency.

He expressed how the hot weather outside, prompted him into staying inside and taking his first Pakistani cooking lesson.

The Oxford Companion to Food describes Daal as a ‘humble’ dish, whilst it retains its popularity in both Pakistan and India. However, the primary source of attraction in Drew’s tweet remained the roti, as he also uploaded a video of himself following the procedure to prepare the perfect dough.

Drew’s tweet attracted several Pakistani and British followers who continued to compliment his humility and attention to detail. While the women lauded his interest in cooking, calling out the Pakistani men’s lack of interest in helping out their wives in the kitchen.

Several men also deemed his roti making techniques to be better than most Pakistani girls

Some users also pointed out that being capable of making perfectly round rotis in Pakistan, qualifies you for marriage. Given Drew’s exemplary first attempt to be one of the signs that he is ready.

While some users called the British man’s interest in cooking to be one of the reasons why Britain progressed. Adding that the Pakistani politicians would never enter the kitchen.


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