Lahore's ‘elite’ Dolphin Squad shoots another citizen

DIG Operations Lahore Ashfaq Khan has taken notice of the incident, says action will be taken against the guilty party

Dolphin squad. PHOTO: EXPRESS

In another incident of high-handedness by Lahore's 'elite' Dolphin Squad, a civilian was shot at and injured after members of the force alleged that he was a robber.

The victim, Umar Raza, was reportedly going to a medical store to buy medication for his ailing mother when a Dolphin Squad team signaled him to stop. Raza failed to stop and as a result, law enforcers opened fire. A bullet hit the victim's leg while another struck his motorcycle.

The officials then, instead of shifting him to a hospital, reportedly took him to Gulberg police station and tortured him to sign a statement of confession stating that he was a robber.

When his condition deteriorated, they took him to a private hospital where the doctors refused to treat him and shifted him to Services Hospital.

Dolphin Squad members allegedly assault shopkeeper over extortion demand

Speaking to The Express Tribune, the victim narrated the incident stating and claimed that Dolphin Squad personnel accused him of being a robber f and assaulted him multiple times while also verbally abusing him.

The victim's mother has asked for swift justice for her son, saying that her son had gone to the medical store to get medicines for her.

"If the bullet had hit some other part of his body and he had died then what would have happened? Would they have been able to bring back my son? I request the authorities to ensure justice," she said.

DIG Operations Lahore Ashfaq Khan has taken notice of the incident and directed SP Dolphin Squad Bilal Zafar to present a report.

"Investigation is underway and action will be taken against guilty personnel," added Ashfaq.

He reiterated that all aspects of the law will be followed to provide justice to the innocent victim.

In May, a member of the Dolphin Squad shot and killed an innocent woman in Lahore’s Nishtar Colony. The victim was identified as Nasreen Waris Maseeh. Last year, an intellectually challenged individual was shot and killed by the force

The specialised police force was formed to function as a patrolling wing of the Punjab Police with the help of trainers from Turkey. The squad received modern training, coupled with sophisticated weapons and the latest gadgets.

So far despite funneling millions of rupees into the project, the squad has failed to uphold the singular purpose of its creation, protecting the lives and properties of citizens.

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