Marriage is not the last resort for women: Zara Peerzada

Published: April 18, 2019
Zara Peerzada: HOME SWEET HOME, Sapphire launches its Concept Store in Packages Mall, Lahore.

Zara Peerzada: HOME SWEET HOME, Sapphire launches its Concept Store in Packages Mall, Lahore.

In our part of the world, the pressure for marriage begins soon after girls enter their twenties. With time, this gets more and more intense if it is taking longer to find a suitable match than was expected.

Thus begins a seemingly endless phase of being paraded before aunties and serving tea to strange men who may or may not end up being your husband. The practice is deeply ingrained in our society and almost all of us have – willingly or unwillingly – had to put up with it.

Zara Peerzada: BEAUTIFUL HOMES, Socialites gather for Habitt’s store launch in Packages Mall Lahore.

PHOTO: Instagram

Therefore, it comes as a breath of fresh air that model Zara Peerzada has spoken up about it. In a recent Instagram post, she admitted to all the pain and anxiety this rishta process has caused her.

Zara Peerzada. 9Lines holds its first exhibition in Lahore - PHOTO COURTESY BILAL MUKHTAR EVENTS & PR


According to the post, Peerzada was asked when she will be tying the knot about 17 times in a span of five days.

“The ‘when’ always turns into a ‘why aren’t you?’ – to which, I’ve realied, there is no correct response,” she wrote. “If you answer saying you are not ready, you get a deadly stare.”

Zara Peerzada: MOM MATTERS, Juggun Kazim launches her first book at X2 Café in Lahore.

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Peerzada continued, “Stop making women feel like they are underachieved or doomed because they are not married. Stop making women feel like they are falling behind or missing out. Stop making women feel like this is something they need to be happy about.”

It might still be a long shot but at least we can thank Peerzada for getting the conversation about this rolling. You go, girl!

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