Hamza slams remarks on Nawaz's health

Punjab opposition leader says PM Imran should check newly-appointed ministers

Rameez Khan March 20, 2019
PML-N MNA Hamza Shahbaz. PHOTO: FILE

LAHORE: Punjab Assembly Leader of Opposition Hamza Shehbaz on Tuesday said the practice of political point-scoring over Nawaz Sharif’s health needed to be stopped with immediate effect.

Talking to reporters, Hamza said Prime Minister Imran Khan should control his newly-appointed ministers who have been passing crass comments over the ailing Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader.

He said such politicians were trying to show their loyalty to their top leader. They should be reminded that time and government ultimately change.

The PML-N central leader said that those taunting Nawaz over his health needed to be told that anyone can face health complications as the human body is fragile and vulnerable.

He criticised the PM Imran for appointing such people who have been making derogatory remarks on three-time premier of the country.

“It was because of Nawaz’s bold step that Pakistan became a nuclear power, and today we are able to overcome Indian aggression in the recent escalation. Imagine, what adventurism India might have been encouraged to engage in if the balance of power would not have been established by Nawaz,” said Hamza.

He added that the situation on borders has still not entirely de-escalated, which is why the opposition has stood by the government inside and outside parliament only for greater national interest.

However, “the government has not shown the moral courage or political maturity to value that”.

The PML-N leader said that Nawaz is a highly respectable leader and such tactics of badmouthing only exposes the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s court jesters and their fall of grace.

Hamza said: “This fiasco and false propaganda against genuinely ill Nawaz will not fool the nation being crushed by the government’s historic failures”.

The leader of opposition also said that persecution of Nawaz would not change the fact that the incumbent government has plunged the country into worst economic crisis.

Political victimisation would not make people forget that the government doubled the cost of all medicines, he said, “it won’t hide”.

He slammed the government for snatching the livelihoods of thousands of people in so-called anti-encroachment drive. He said that PM Imran has been living in “illegal throne of Bani Gala”.
Hamza said the cabinet has no solution to country’s economic crisis even after serving for a year in power.ee


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