Hasan Minhaj's take on upcoming Indian elections has the internet divided

'Trevor Noah should take notes from Hasan Minhaj about how to deal with Indian politics'

Entertainment Desk March 19, 2019

Hasan Minhaj is back in news for all the right and wrong reasons.

The Indian-American comedian's show Patriot Act on Netflix has always focused on sociopolitical topics.

On popular demand, he decided to take on the upcoming general elections in India - despite, as the episode shows, a cautionary warning from desi uncles and aunties.


The 29-minute episode was released on Netflix and posted on YouTube on Sunday.

And clearly, it had Twitter divided.

While many came out in Minhaj's support and lauded him for painting an apt picture of the current political scenario in India, others initiated a hashtag against the comedian, calling to ban him.

Imran Khan's former wife and journalist, Reham Khan took to Twitter to praise Minjah over the episode.

"Wow!!! Now I know why my kids love this guy Must watch Hasan Minhaj explains the Indian elections," she wrote.

"THIS EPISODE WAS SO ON POINT. Hasan Minhaj did an amazing job covering exactly how terrible the political scenario in India is. There’s so much at stake it’s frightening and how fast we’re hurtling towards destruction," said another Twitter user.


"Hasan Minhaj’s latest episode of Patriot Act gave such an unbiased, real overview of current political scenario in India. Religious nationalism vs corruption, this is the choice 900 million Indian voters face next month. Congrats on the masterpiece," said another.

"Meanwhile Hasan Minhaj hits the ball out of the park with his latest on the Indian elections. He has got you covered from Gowalker to Adityanath, watch it before Netflix decides to drop it," wrote one user.

"Lessons for the think tank community? Hasan Minhaj packs a lot of facts into very accessible 30m on the Indian elections—& this may well be the most information a lot of Americans absorb about the world’s largest democracy," shared one.


"Hasan Minhaj nails the first generation middle class Asian immigrant experience so accurately it physically hurts. So many versions of this conversation in these exact rooms," penned one user.

"Hasan Minhaj has shredded Modi’s political career into pieces. Never seen a political leader taken down this way globally," tweeted one.


"Farmer issues got more coverage in Hasan Minhaj's Patriot Act episode than they have received in the last many months on Indian television," pointed one user.


"Trevor Noah should take notes from Hasan Minhaj about how to deal with Indian politics," said one user while taking a dig on Noah's earlier debacle.

Some people, however, weren't all that glad.

"I just watched this bigot Hasan Minhaj spew venom against India in the name of comedy. He's picked tidbits of Indian News, TV shows, etc collating them to misrepresent the truth. Such depredation to make comedy by selling lies as truth, a signature of a sick mind," one use shared.


Watched Hasan Minhaj on Netflix on Indian Politics. Was disappointed to the say the least," tweeted one user.

"Indians who will use Hasan Minhaj Netflix to make up their mind about Indian elections: please unregister from Electoral Rolls," wrote a user.


Hasan's last comment:



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