6 tricks to help you remember anything

In today’s world, it’s all but natural to feel overwhelmed by the large amounts of information we’re being fed

Entertainment Desk March 14, 2019

In today’s world, it’s all but natural to feel overwhelmed by the large amounts of information we’re being fed on a daily basis. We’re constantly on our phones or laptops – at schools, the office and even at home. So is it really any wonder some everyday things escape our minds every now and then?

But don’t worry; you’re not getting old or senile. There are many small changes you can make in your lifestyle to turn your memory game around. Here’s how to make yourself remember all the small details in a big way.

1. Show interest


The human brain remembers things better when they’re compelling. For example, a paper you’re reading may be boring you to death and nothing will get registered in your mind. But you shift must refocus on why it is interesting and important. This will help with not only getting done with the paper but in retaining its data as well.

The same concept can be applied to a boring work or mundane errands around the house.  Genuine interest in the matter will help you remember it.

2. Visual memory

Imagine you are at an event and you need to remember peoples’ names. How will you do that without asking them repeatedly? It’s simple: Associate them with people you already know who go by the same name. You can even do this with objects, places or historical events – literally anything that is part of your life.

The same trick can be used to recall where you stored something of importance. Visual memory can be useful in remembering large chunks of numbers as well. You can simply divide them in threes, as we often do with phone numbers.

3. Mental memory tree


One way to help yourself remember a thing is to create a ‘mental tree’ that you can go revert to whenever you need certain information. The should have roots, branches and leaves. The roots are the headline and the description is in the branches, leaving the leaves to bear the facts. This is a fun way to give your creativity a boost.

4. Association with previous knowledge

This has a lot in common with the concept of visual memory but offers from another perspective. Previously acquired knowledge can help you learn valuable new information by simply connecting the two using logic. Think of it as missing pieces of one big puzzle!

5. List of points


Jotting down a list of the things you need to remember, ordered methodically, can help you remember them. In order for this to work, you may have to learn actively, meaning that you must rewrite the list again and again until you remember its contents with ease.

6. Teaching others

Offer help to your peers. Doing this not only sparks friendships but it’s good for you in that when we apply our knowledge from theory to practice, it creates more neural connections in our minds. This, ultimately, help us remember what we were teaching more.

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