Bhaag water movement warns of hunger strike

People of the area drinking water out of ponds like animals, says Soomro

Mohammad Zafar March 14, 2019
A representational image. PHOTO: REUTERS

QUETTA: Addressing a news conference, Chairman of Water for Bhaag movement Wafa Sumroo lamented that even in the 21st century people of Bhaag— an impoverished district are compelled to drink contaminated water like animals from ponds.

“The entire district has turned into an uninhabited area as people have been facing worse scarcity of water. Due to unfair water distribution from Bala Narri Barrage many UCs in Bhaag have been completely destroyed,” said Sumroo.

He added, the Bhaag Water Movement has decided to go on hunger strike unto death until the government takes solid measures to address the water crisis.

“Despite spending 4 billion rupees for water supply in our district, our people are still looking for a single drop of water.”

Citing the 11 days long march by his organisation Sumroo said, despite walking miles for water the provincial government didn’t show seriousness toward this human issue.

“Unfortunately billions of rupees have been released to PHE department against generators, fuel and pipelines but the money has been devoured by corruption.”