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Published: January 21, 2019

As we complete three years in the business, we give our readers a chance to learn more about us. We have some old faces and some newbies and together we like to be known as the fabulous team behind your favourite weekly!

Ibriz Sheikh


I can’t believe we’re three already! It’s been a busy and challenging few months and 2018 was a great learning experience for me.  As always, we strive each day to stand out in the industry. My team and I have worked harder than ever to create innovative content and introduce new features to keep our readers engaged, and we work tirelessly to put together a fabulous issue each week. As we turn three, I’d like to thank all our readers and followers for motivating us to become bigger and better. It’s been an exciting year for TEdit and I’m looking forward to yet another one. Happy Sunday, happy reading!

Amber Liaqat

Fashion Editor

There is something very exciting, but also nerve-racking when publishing a weekly magazine, to put it mildly. I take great pride in how TEdit has always aspired to proliferate the best in both- bringing the best in fashion and lifestyle. At TEdit, the reader is king. I only have gratitude for those who have helped us grow, evolve and celebrate. Personally, it’s been a very exciting and fascinating journey for me at T Edit and I’m grateful that it gives me the opportunity to work with the best in the industry and continue to do so when I look ahead to 2019. Being associated with the magazine — now in its third year — is a privilege. Working for and with the best is a privilege I cannot emphasise enough.

Sara Mumtaz


Sara Mumtaz is a subeditor at TEdit and the newest member of our team. Her love for tea means her day doesn’t start without a cup of her favourite beverage. She is passionate about sleeping, shopping and travelling. Give her some spare time and she can binge watch Netflix for hours and is obsessed with horror movies, social media and her cat, Butler. Her extensive shoe collection means she comes to work wearing a new pair every day and thanks to her new found love for fitness; she just bought her first pair of gym shoes!

Keziah Leena Peters


Keziah Peters is a subeditor at TEdit and is a sucker for chocolate and Korean food. When she’s not working hard at the TEdit headquarters, she loves to sketch and paint. Give her a laptop and a couple of hours and she can binge watch her day through Netflix. Keziah has a keen interest in history and all things ancient and had she not been a writer, she would have been an archaeologist. She loves to shop and would rescue all the animals in the world if she could. She is obsessed with the 1950’s and orangutans.

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  • Jock
    Jan 24, 2019 - 8:16PM

    The first two had zero to share quite frankly.Recommend

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