Christmas festivities all set to begin in Lahore

Preparations at 97 churches in the provincial metropolis have been completed

Christmas decorations at a local hotel in Lahore. PHOTO: EXPRESS

As Christmas is just a couple of days away, the Christian community has started thronging shopping malls in order to buy new clothes and gifts for their relatives.

The community is also busy decorating their houses with Christmas trees, while events related to the occasion have been organised at various locations.


In Lahore, Christmas preparations in 97 churches of the provincial capital have been completed. These include Catholic, Protestant and other missionary churches. In the provincial capital, the biggest ceremony for the Catholic school of thought will be held at Sacred Heart Cathedral on Lawrence Road. Meanwhile, the largest event for Protestants will be organised at the Cathedral Church on Mall Road.

Similarly, Christmas events will be organised at St Anthony’s Church, Naulakha Church and others where Christian leaders will hold prayers for the country's prosperity and safety.

Talking to Express News, Christian leader Father Nadeem Frances said that this day strengthens the resolve to encourage peace, fraternity, love, and interfaith harmony. "We need to end hatred, differences and unite for prosperity, peace, safety, and development of Pakistan."

Christian community gears up for Christmas celebrations

Dean of Cathedral Father Shahid Mairaj said Christmas is the day to commemorate the arrival of the ‘prince of peace’. He added the day is marked to share happiness and accept each other wholeheartedly.

Cake cutting ceremony

Lahore Capital City Police Officer BA Nasir said that Christmas gives the message of love, peace, and brotherhood.

He was speaking at a cake cutting ceremony organised on Saturday in connection with Christmas celebrations at Police Lines Qilla Gujjar Singh.

Officers and officials of the Lahore Police from the Christian community are playing their role in maintaining law and order and eradicating crime in the city, he said.

He said the Lahore police will provide foolproof security to the Christian community during celebrations at churches and other public places. He added that the Muslim community is equally participating in the celebrations.

Commissioner orders special security measures for Christmas

“The Christian community, along with other minorities, is playing a pivotal role in the development of the country. They have been outstanding in different sections of society and have been working shoulder to shoulder with us for betterment.”

Cleanliness plan for Christmas

Keeping up with its tradition, this year the Albayrak Waste Management is carrying out special cleanup operations in and around churches and Christian graveyards. It is carrying out this work with the help of sanitary staff and heavy machinery prior to the Christmas Eve.

Mechanical sweeping and washing is being carried out in the surroundings of the churches and adjacent localities. These field operations are being supervised by the operations department of Albayrak to facilitate the Christian Community. Albayrak has made sanitary staff, machinery and additional resources available at Christmas bazaars in Lahore to provide cleaner surroundings to the citizens. Moreover, during the Christmas holidays, waste related complaints would be resolved on a priority basis.


To celebrate and to share the joy of Christmas with the Christian community, Albayrak is also arranging special cake cutting ceremonies in the schools and different union councils.

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