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Published: October 19, 2018

Capture your special moments with the best in the business and make those memories last a lifetime

Fatima Tariq Photography

What kind of photography do you do?

As vast of a field that it is, for me photography consists of weddings and portraits. I basically love photographing people; while they are enjoying and creating a memory, I find myself busy capturing that memory – so they can cherish it for life. I love capturing the glamour and the colours that Pakistani weddings have to offer! More importantly, the moments and emotions that are the essence of weddings at home!

How are you taking wedding photography/videography a step forward this year?

So far, my main focus has always been photography, but now I have a new found interest in videography too! They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so imagine how much of an impact a video could create.  As far as videography is concerned, I want to only use Pakistani songs (new and folk), as much as possible for wedding highlights.  And for photography, I would want to capture more BTS shots from weddings, as that is where the entire madness is!

What kind of photography do you think brides and grooms should try this season to make their weddings unique?

I couldn’t emphasise more on how beautiful day light wedding photography is! I always suggest all my clients to go for an earlier portrait shoot.  It’s a little off topic, but I believe brides and grooms should just be themselves, and their weddings will be unique. As they say, the only thing common amongst people, is their differences. So, be yourself and watch your wedding be like none other.

Irfan Ahson

What kind of photography do you do?

We are primarily focusing on weddings but also take up interesting and challenging projects in different fields as well, such as portraits, fashion, product and documentary photography, having recently captured the official portrait for PM Imran Khan.

How are you taking wedding photography a step forward this year?

This year we plan to focus more on destination weddings and shoots; basically focusing on quality instead of quantity. Everyone is just about done with the typical park and studio shoots, so we are urging clients to maybe have a more intimate but grander/more exclusive wedding. Owing to this we already have been to the States and Middle East three times since June and plan to take up more destination weddings.

What kind of photography do you think brides and grooms should try this season to make their weddings unique?

I think couples should focus on themselves, at least for the 2-3 hours assigned for the shoot, instead of worrying about the sehra bandi and hall timing issues. The best thing about destination weddings is that everything /every vendor revolves around you to give you the best experience on the most special day of your life.

Mehlum Sadriwala

What kind of photography do you do?

I’m a portrait, travel and a lifestyle photographer. My work is heavily inspired by art work, paintings, modern graphics, old film photographs and Mughal paintings and it all started because I always wanted to draw and paint. But, I was really bad at it so my parents got me a dale and I started shooting the world how I looked at it and how I wanted the colours to be.

How are you taking wedding photography/videography a step forward this year?

Wedding photography is the holiest of all genres. It’s real, it’s the most important day for the bride and groom and as wedding photographers we have the most important job because once it’s all over they’ll just have the photographs to remember it by. So for me, I make sure I don’t follow “trends” – I try giving them timeless photographs that will feel relevant and make them nostalgic even after 20 years. In my opinion, wedding photography is all about capturing the details, emotions and everything in between from the wedding outfits, the smile on the bride’s grandmother’s face, the teary-eyed dad, the mother of the groom beaming with happiness, the younger brother happy yet sad. It’s like covering a festival which is as real as it can be.

What kind of photography do you think brides and grooms should try this season to make their weddings unique?

I would want them to have a mix of candid and royally posed pictures. I’m the kind of photographer who shoots while I try to make them pose like the royals of Jaipur and the moments in between are gold. I’m more of a portraits photographer, so the ideal situation for me is when portraits are taken before the event when the make-up is fresh – there’s no audience just a nice location, golden light and me. I’ll make sure they get the kind of pictures that they would want to use on their social media, get printed and send to families and friends. My work is all about shooting timeless photographs with a touch of royalty in them.

The Wedding Story Films

What kind of videography do you do?

It can be called event driven storytelling, in which gathering the beautiful imagery of the day along with testimonials from close ones and then in editing using the right audio with the right visual to ignite an emotional response from  the viewer. I personally hate the use of the term “Cinematic Wedding” which is the most common term to define the weddings that are shot with just high-end cameras.

How are you taking wedding photography/videography a step forward this year?

In my experience the only thing that matters at the end is the emotional aspect of the wedding film, no matter how many drones /jibs and all gadget gimmickry you bring with you – if your video doesn’t hit the right spot, it’s useless. So we always stick to our core although we are well equipped with all the latest technological advancement in video/film production field.

What kind of videography do you think brides and grooms should try this season to make their weddings unique?

Candid photography and filming capture the real emotion if they are caught at the right moment. So I would say brides and grooms should go for candid style of film and photography, also hire your videographer and photographer separately because honestly speaking we only have photographers in our industry who take up the task of videography for the sake of getting the package of both things together. Hiring separate teams is bound to give you better results.

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