Indian thieves who stole a gold, diamond-studded lunchbox that was traced back to a former royal family had been using it to eat their meals.

According to BBC, the lunchbox which was reportedly stolen only last week was recovered along with other items, including a ruby, gold teacup, teaspoon and a saucer.

The items, valued at $7 million, once belonged to Mir Osman Ali Khan who was the last Nizam (king) of Hyderabad. He was also once the richest in the world.

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Police said the two men, who were arrested from Hyderabad, had fled to Mumbai in hopes of reaching out to a buyer for the stolen goods. They couldn’t be traced easily as they had turned off all cameras on the crime scene. Law enforcers, however, were able to catch them through the footage of a camera near the palace.

As they struggled to find a buyer in Mumbai, they lived an extravagant life in a five-star hotel for a couple of days.

However, after failing to find a buyer, the thieves returned to Hyderabad where they were arrested following a massive manhunt.