Award-winning film-maker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is aiming to educate women on their legal rights in Pakistan through a series of videos.


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Titled Aagahi (awareness), the public service campaign will span over the course of seven months releasing 14 short animated films. The clips will explain legislations which affect women and how they may be applied.


The first episode of the series ‘How to Register an FIR (First Information Report)’ informs about crimes and how women can file an official FIR at the local police department.

To cater to all women in Pakistan, the video is released in Urdu with English. However, later videos might also feature regional languages.


Voiced by Aamina Sheikh, the first episode informs women about the crimes that one can file an FIR against. These include murder, rape, theft, kidnapping, domestic violence, acid attacks and many others. The video further explains that the police has the right to arrest the culprits of these crimes without any warrant.

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‘How to Register an FIR’ also sheds light on the importance of filing a complaint stating that the police can only begin investigation once an FIR has been registered.

Watch the video here:

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