Actress, model and TV show host, Juggan Kazim, and her husband Feisal Naqvi lawyer-cum-columnist just knew it was meant to be! The two share a bond that envelops respect, love and sheer support for each other. From Feisal making sure Juggan’s room is never missing her favourite flowers to the latter absolutely adoring Feisal’s intelligence and romantic nature, this duo walk us through all the things that come with being married.

How and where did you both first meet?

Feisal: We met first at a friend’s house.

Juggun: We initially met at a mutual friend’s house but the meeting where we decided that we would like to get to know each other was when I went to Feisal’s office for some legal consultancy.

What did you like/ dislike about each other in your first meeting?

Feisal: I liked the fact that she was very funny and self-deprecating.

Juggun: I didn’t really dislike anything about him. But, what I liked about Feisal was that he was very friendly, warm and intelligent, and I am someone who is attracted towards Intelligence.

How long did it take to decide that he/she was the one you wanted to marry?

Feisal: It took about four months.

Juggun: Actually Feisal thought about getting married. I was nowhere near ready but when he asked me about four months in, I gave it a thought and said yes.

How do you demonstrate your love in different ways?

Feisal: She loves lilies so I try to make sure that they are always in her room.

Juggun: Feisal is the more romantic one in our relationship but I still try to match it by celebrating different occasions that mean a lot to him. I also go shopping for him to buy all his favourite things.

What frustrates you most about your partner?

Feisal: Sometimes she doesn’t listen because she is too busy being angry.

Juggun: To be honest Feisal is very easy going. But, sometimes what frustrates me about him is the fact that every time I am angry he doesn’t understand what I am trying to say and how to calm me down.

Who makes up first if you have a fight or an argument?

Feisal: Depends. Can be either one.

Juggun: Either of us, we deal with situations maturely. None of us are egoistic with each other.

One thing you love about each other?

Feisal: The fact that we are completely different and yet love and respect the other.

Juggun: There are so many things about him but it has to be the fact that he is a brilliant guy overall and I look up to him and I totally admire him. I have never been with someone that I admire but Feisal is truly admirable.

Something you would want to change about your partner?

Feisal: Nothing at all.

Juggun: Nothing. I don’t want to change anything about him.

Something you two have in common?

Feisal: Our love for food.

Juggun: We both love movies, food and comedy.

Who keeps the room the tidiest?

Feisal: Juggun does.

Juggun: Me of course. Feisal can be really messy at times.

Your best memory together so far?

Feisal: Our son Syed Hassan Ali Naqvi.

Juggun: Holding Hassan together for the first time.

Your greatest strength as a couple?

Feisal: Mutual respect.

Juggun: We both really respect each other. We are on the same page, have the same vision regarding a lot of things in life although we have completely different personalities.

Describe your relationship in three words?

Feisal: Passionate, intense and caring.

Juggun: A roller-coaster ride, affectionate and passionate.