Meet the meat: A simple three course meal guide for Bakra Eid

Published: August 22, 2018


KARACHI: Eidul Azha is upon us and Muslims globally are preparing for the religious festival to celebrate with family, friends and, of course, food.

The three-day holiday primarily centers around meat, so if you’re a fan of BBQ foods, this listicle will be right up your alley. But, the only thing you may be missing from this scrumptious feast is a larger pair of pants.

While there are ample choices to pick from, here is an easy guide to welcome your guests with meat-a-licious Eid dishes.



I’ve always seen my mum running around the kitchen every Eidul Azha morning to cook the perfectly tender kaleji. She loves to make it with nothing but a dash of black pepper and salt. But trust me, it turns out finger-licking good! Parathas are a must with some mouth-watering suji ka halwa. Last but definitely not the least, is some deep-fried maghaz.

Oh, and tea. Never forget to serve tea to your guests.



Afghani mutton pulao is one of those recipes that you can always prep ahead for. Put the mutton stock on the stove and complete the remainder of your tasks while it cooks. The condiments too, can be cut from a day before and kept refrigerated. You can even par-boil the rice. Just assemble the necessary ingredients and your Afghani pulao will be ready in no time.

Chapli Kabab is so easy to make! It’s literally blending all the  ingredients in one mincer and the only thing left to do is to shape and fry them.

When it comes to Aachar Gosht, I think a pressure cooker is your friend here. It helps to cook the meat faster and hence, your lunch will be prepared in a jiffy!



Dinner for my family on Eid day is all about BBQ. We try to make sure all different sorts of BBQ items are on the menu. For starters, I think there’s nothing better than an oven roast lamb or mutton leg. You can serve it with roasted potatoes and some baked veggies. Or if you want to take the traditional route, opt for some mint chutney.

When it comes to BBQ, you can make Seekh Kababs and Tikka Boti. If you want to go simpler, just marinate the beef/mutton boti with some salt and lemon juice.

Lastly, there has to be biryani on that lavish dinner table. No arguments there!



Many opt for Sheer Khurma on this Eid as well. But for me, the said dish screams Eidul Fitr. So I’d suggest one should opt for Shahi Tukray. Oh, another luscious option might be some warm, soft Gulab Jamuns or even Jalebi!

What’s on your menu this Eid? Let us know in the comments below.

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