Not all superheroes wear capes but they definitely go an extra mile for KFC’s Green Movement! One such patriotic and rooted Pakistani is the captain of our cricket team, Sarfraz Ahmed who has shared a special message this Independence Day for his fans.

In a video posted by KFC Pakistan, the captain sheds light on the effects of climate change and how Pakistan is in dire need of more trees to curb drastic climate change. KFC has garnered a lot of well-deserved appreciation on social media for its generous move.

In a powerful attempt to restore the depleted plantations, KFC Pakistan has initiated a Green Movement in collaboration with different organisations and academic institutions. Students from leading universities have volunteered to plant trees in different parts of the country. Sarfraz naturally took the role of the captain in this campaign; he put up a video on social media recently, urging everybody to play their part.

This initiative is in connection to the launch of KFC Pakistan’s limited-edition Independence Bucket. On 12th, 13th and 14th August, KFC Pakistan is giving out a pack of seeds with its bucket for free to encourage consumers to plant trees in their neighbourhoods and be more considerate of people in their surroundings.

So get your pack of seeds now and pitch in to make Pakistan a greener land!