Commandos reached Navy base within 3 minutes of attack: Naval Chief

Admiral Nauman Bashir says commandos stopped the terrorists from making any major destruction.

Express May 23, 2011

KARACHI: Naval Chief Admiral Nauman Bashir said on Monday that the commandos reached the PNS Mehran Base within three minutes of the attack stopping the terrorists from making any major destruction.

Briefing the media in Karachi, the Naval Chief said the terrorists intruded from the Eastern side of the base and fired six missiles at the base.

He added that Lieutenant Syed Yaser Abbas, son of Retd. Col. Syed Jaffar Abbas, was the first Naval officer who confronted the terrorists and embraced martyrdom.

Admiral Bashir said that there were 11 Chinese and six American technicians present inside the base at the time of the attack, but security personnel rescued them safely.

A new naval base is under construction to shift sensitive installations away from the population, he revealed.


Rizwan | 10 years ago | Reply Most of us must have had an experience of working in an organization where you always feel at odds with your boss's instructions and company policies but always end up doing what the big boss tells you to. Same concept of subservience, but at a highly rigid level, also goes for any military institution around the world. In a corporate world, you may have meetings, conferences and open forums to give you an illusion that your opinion is valuable and is important in policy making. However, in military you cannot question the order. The lack of security and contingency plan and lengthy recovery battle all point to the fact that this is what we are getting, in terms of training and technology, with the percentage of the military budget trickling down to the people who are expected to be top-notch at the frontlines against foreign and domestic threats. I suggest my fellow Pakistanis to go easy on these commandoes, the lieutenants, lower ranking staff or pawns as they can be called and encourage those who lived and pray for those who lost their lives in this incident. During a war (against domestic or foreign enemies), it will be unwise to question (and insult) those who are fighting on the frontlines and not those who devise the overall strategy for them from the HQ. Whatever went wrong with the military that claimed to be the best in the world, with its commandoes winning top prize in an international competition, needs to be investigated, understood and fixed as soon as possible. But, there is another unfortunate dilemma with Pakistan that whenever we speak of accountability, investigation and inquiry, we have no idea who will be trustworthy and bold enough to spearhead such a humungous and ominous task transparently and effectively amidst mounting pressure to withdraw and a storm of allegations of being unpatriotic and an agent of foreign powers bent on defaming and insulting military institutions and, thus, Pakistan. In most cases an inquiry commission is made and the results are never released. Take a leaf out of the corporate world handbook and hire a consultant.
Rizwan | 10 years ago | Reply Reporter 1: Mr Naval Chief, Why did it take 16 hours for the elite commandoes to take back the base from the militants? Naval Chief: Give them a break Mr Reporter, They got there in 3 minutes. Have you ever even driven through the traffic in Karachi? 3 minutes is an amazing feat and when you travel that fast, you are bound to get disoriented. Reporter 2: Does Pakistan have capability of fighting against American/CIA agents? Naval Chief: Look Mr. Reporter, It took 16 hours for 100 commandoes to get rid of 6 terrorists. In America it takes 1 agent just 24 hours to kill all the terrorists, diffuse the bomb, save the president and in parallel cope with his nagging daughter's daddy issues. We can never compete with that.
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