Kharotabad incident: Chechens were not carrying suicide vests, explosives

Bomb Disposal Squad says two hand grenade pins recovered from the site.

Express May 21, 2011

QUETTA: The Bomb Disposal Squad in Quetta has revealed that no suicide jackets or explosives had been recovered from the site where five Chechens had been shot during the Kharotabad incident in Quetta.

In a report submitted to the Inspector General of Balochistan, the BDS has stated that two hand grenade pins were recovered from the site.

An autopsy report had earlier revealed that the victims died of bullet wounds, but also bore multiple marks of splinter wounds.

The Police Surgeon had said that two men received splinter wounds on their upper torso as well as two bullet wounds.  Five bullets wounds were found on the second woman as well as burn injuries on her legs. The third woman, who is stated to be 26-year-old, received eight bullets, the Medico-Legal officer told reporters.

A judicial tribunal has been formed to probe the killings and a notification was issued by the government today.

The tribunal will be headed by Balochistan High Court judge, Justice Mohammad Hashim Kakar.

On Tuesday, police shot and killed five suspected terrorists, including three women, when they allegedly opened fire at FC personnel at a checkpost in the Kharotabad area.


M Ahsan Ajaz | 10 years ago | Reply We cant blame those innocents untill fair tribunal report's finalized but a fact is assured that whatever the circumstances; killing those who were already in controlled (considering fact as tied up to the ground), along with the women, particularly 7 months pregnant is shameful to the extend that I have changed my mind considering TALIBAN as brutal.Taliban are been in more tuff state, than could their acts would be justified? the victims did have their passports and if not they need judicial trial not this brutal assasination.Can some one confirm about that 7 month baby was he/she terror? or which nation, relegion does he/she belongs? As a matter of fact if MY Country men are involved they must regret and face the death penalities that might become confession of them in font of Almighty Allah, and the best I can do suggest them being my shameless brothers.
Jacob | 10 years ago | Reply Why is human life so cheap? Who are the terrorists here - the army or these illegal civillians who in all likelihood came to Pakistan to escape the oppression of the Russians in Chechnya? What would we say about the countless Pakistanis who smuggle their way into europe, they are after all illegal, shouldn't they be gunned down mercillessly and labelled as hardcore terrorists who were hell bent on wreaking havoc? What does this say about Pak officials who cover up most of the murders of Pakistani and non-Pakistani human beings by labelling every person killed, man, woman & child as a Taliban/AQ terrorist! Until Pakistanis themselves value their own bloood and the blood of other human beings, your government, army and agencies would consider YOU fair game in this game of power, dollars and wealth grabbing.
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