Surf Excel continues to play with its ‘dirt is good’ philosophy to demonstrate values we can adopt from children.  Its new TVC welcomes Ramazan by reminding us that a small neki can go a long way. With 3.8 million views on Youtube, Surf Excel’s #EkNekiRozana  ad has become viral

A young boy with a plate of pakoras and food smeared on his kurta pays a surprise visit to his uncle. He initiates a reunion between his estranged father and uncle by making them realise that Ramazan is the

month of forgiveness.

We lack compassion and empathy for people around us. Instead, even in this holy month we display a lot of intolerance and dogmatism. We contest heatedly that non-Muslims should not be seen eating in public places during fasting hours. It is time more brands picked up the mantle to inculcate empathy.