US State Department denies imposition of travel restrictions on Pakistani diplomats

Published: April 11, 2018

KARACHI: The US State Department on Wednesday denied reports that travel restrictions have been placed on Pakistani diplomats.

“There are no restrictions on the travel of Pakistani diplomats in the United States,” confirmed the US embassy spokesperson.

Earlier, it was reported that the Trump administration had decided to impose new restrictions on Pakistani diplomats in the US.

Reports had suggested that a new code of conduct was prepared by the US government, restricting the movement of Pakistani diplomatic staff to a 25-mile radius.

US ‘to impose new restrictions’ on Pakistani diplomats

Sources had further claimed that a one month notice has been served to Pakistani diplomats serving in four consulates apart from the embassy.

The development was reported days after US defence and air attaché Col Joseph Emanuel Hall ’s reckless driving killed a motorcyclist and injured another in the federal capital.

Col Hall was booked in a criminal case after he hit the two motorcyclists at the Daman-e-Koh intersection on Saturday.

Police want US diplomat on no-fly list

Bilateral relations between the two countries have been at the lowest since President Donald Trump’s tweet in January, which alleged that the Pakistani government had ‘deceived’ the US.

The tweet was followed by suspension of aid to Pakistan which was given for the country’s role in the war on terror. Pakistani officials strongly refuted Trump’s claims and said the country has done its utmost to ensure elimination of terror groups on its soil.

Pakistan has suffered greatly in the war on terror, with civilian and military casualties in the thousands and economic damage in the billions as a result of the war.

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    Apr 11, 2018 - 7:42PM

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