Zayn Malik strikes again with 'Allah Ke Bande' after Kailash Kher's response

Pillowtalk singer's 'Allah Ke Bande Hans De' just made me cry...

Entertainment Desk February 28, 2018

After performing a cover of Teri Deewani, Zayn Malik is back with yet another Kailash Kher number to make our ears bleed. Singing Allah Ke Bande in this latest video, it seems like the former One Direction singer has sworn upon his life to take ours away - and not in a good way.

Malik's cover starts off with him screaming in agonising pain. Moving on to the lyrics of the song, Toota toota aik parinda aise toota has been changed by Malik's "aik parinday aise toota." There you go with the incorrect lyrics! But since Malik is new to the Urdu game, we will let this one go.

Going ahead with the video, it seems like Malik has messed up the lyrics extremely and the "Ooohooohoooo" is like him poking fun at Kher's talent.

While Malik might have hit the right pitch for the Allah ke bande hans de part of the song, his words made me cry - hysterically. Sorry Zayn Malik but we tried really hard to like your renditions - we would have been beaten up by the music Gods if we did.

It turns out that Kher witnessed the brutal killing of Teri Deewani and offered Malik to take a few lessons from him. "If Malik is a real fan of Kailasa (my band), we have our digital academy starting soon. There will be a course dedicated to all our compositions, including Teri Deewani and all our other hits," Kher told IANS.

Kher also offered to jam with Malik together in the future and explained, "To know the correct codes and nuances, he can join the academy and enrol himself. It will help him to improve his skills."

A word of advice, please stick to your original flavour. We love it!

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afridi rulez kohli | 4 years ago | Reply guys stop the crazy banter. the fact that zayn is an international star already should be enough for everyone to respect him. secondly, if he is trying to learn and put an effort in this direction, at least he is not doing it mainstream, he is doing so on his social media account for all of us to give input to. The criticism should be healthy, like from the original artist himself and it should be meant to encourage the young lad not to let him down. let the boy try, and he may perfect it after a few sessions and some hard work which i am sure he is willing to do. lastly, music brings people closer so don't let it fall prey to juvenile nationalistic mindset that is being propagated here. peace.
NookyNooky | 4 years ago | Reply Happy to see zany atleast looking forward to promote our traditional music in west
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