Shrewd, cunning suspect chose victims carefully

Published: January 13, 2018


LAHORE: The unidentified suspected serial killer involved in murder of minor girls after rape in Kasur is a typical example of a psychopath.

This was said by Dr Asir Ajmal, a psychologist who had taught at different universities at Pakistan and abroad.

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A psychopath is an extremely intelligent and shrewd person. He has a strong sense of deep observation and literally hunts his victim and plans for months to achieve his target. He would conduct reconnaissance of his target, develop intimacy and familiarity through direct communication or other means.

The details of the incidents, circumstantial evidences, pattern of crime and modus operandi also corroborate psychological profile of the so far unidentified suspect elaborated by Ajmal.

In all the cases, victims were five to nine years old girls. All the victim girls were cute and beautiful. None of these were destitute or neglected children. The suspect had conducted his crime in such a sophisticated manner despite hype and insecurity among people about their children that he got noticed by no one. Sense of suspicion or resistance by the victim or people around has not been reported in any of these cases. A police officer who had investigated the case told The Express Tribune that it was damn clear that the suspect was very much familiar with the area and life in it where he conducted his crime.

Muhammad Asif, father of the victim Ayesha Bibi who went missing on January 8, 2017 and later her body was found from an abandoned building two days later, told The Express Tribune that he loved his daughter very much. He never let her go alone home. He used to pick and drop her at school and tuition himself. Asif never let her play outside or go alone on the street. He had also trained his children not to take anything including sweets from strangers or even relative. She went missing during a marriage ceremony of his cousin in their house.

She somehow managed to get out of her house for a few minutes. This period was less than five minutes, he claimed. Asif said that their close relatives were living in every house in their street therefore there was lesser proximity that strangers visited it frequently. Body of her daughter was also recovered from the place situated in radius of few hundred metres of his house.

Muhammad Mustafa, father of another victim Noor Fatima, 7, who went missing on April 11, told The Express Tribune that his daughter had went to buy milk from a nearby shop, less than 50 metres. Her mother was watching her while standing on the doorstep when suddenly she had to attend her toddler son who fell from a cart. She went inside for few moments to pacify the child and when she returned, her daughter was gone. Her body was recovered from an abandoned house situated in few hundred metres of their house. The father said everyone in the street knew him because many houses in the street belonged to their relatives.

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Predicting the profile of the suspect, Dr Ajmal said it was for sure that the suspect’s personal life was adversely disturbed. He must be having an extreme prejudice against women or girls. He said assaulting children and later killing them was a psychological as well as social disorder. There were so many identical cases that have taken place in different parts of Pakistan. It happened when women were empowered and men started feeling uncomfortable with it. Targeting children is an example of helplessness as they cannot speak, he asserted.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 13th, 2018.

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