The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recently released a collection of files acquired from Osama bin Laden; from Tom and Jerry cartoons to crochet instructional videos to beheading films, his computer had a peculiar mix of everything.

For example, he had one video of the beheading of Jack Hensley, a 49-year-old American beheaded in Iraq in 2004. But then again, Laden even had Hollywood movies like Antz, Cars, Heroes of Tomorrow, Chicken Little and Resident Evil. While it is possible that kids were watching some of these movies in the compound, it is difficult not to imagine Bin Laden himself sitting alone and cracking up to scenes from Chicken Little.

And among the compilation of 40 odd videos, just as expected was a video we knew Bin Laden would naturally gravitate towards:

And this:


And even this:

On the other hand, the list also had videos of beheadings and IED films:

Bin Laden also had a video debunking 9/11 video on his computer:

Still curious? Here is the complete list of videos, released by the CIA, stored on the computer of the world’s most thunderous terrorist:

  1. YouTube_-_Charlie_bit_my_finger_-_again__.flv
  2. MyEgy.CoM_Street.Fighter.IV.2009.DvDRip.rmvb
  3. Existence.of.the.Angels.mp4
  4. IMAX_Mysteries_Of_Egypt.rmvb
  5. Art_of_Crochet_by_Teresa_-_Baby_Crochet_Sock_Edging.flv
  6. How_to_Crochet_a_Basket.flv
  7. Crochet_Star_-_Small.flv
  8. Stripe_Crochet_Beanie_Cap_Hat.flv
  9. Twinkle_Twinkle_Little_Star.flv
  10. Tom-jerry17.rm
  11. Tom___Jerry_-_091.rmvb
  12. MyEgy.Com.By.Dr.MiDo.Jackie.chan.Ep_(26).rmvb
  13. Animal_Monkey_Never_Giveup.wmv
  14. [MSOMS-ANIME][MCT][534][nooood].mp4
  15. MyEgy.Com.Sindbad.By.Dr.MiDo._(28).rmvb
  17. The_Pink_Panther_-_014_-_Bully_for_Pink.rmvb
  18. Sex_Crimes_and_the_Vatican.wmv
  19. BBC.Battlefields.3of4.Bomber.XviD.ahmed_ashour_wa_(dvd4arab).rmvb
  20. 3_Welcome_to_the_11th_Dimension.rmvb
  21. Colors_Video_for_Kids.flv
  22. YouTube_-_Girls_Fight_ضرابة_بنوتات.flv
  23. The_New_FAST_Alphabet_-_ABC_Phonics_Chant.flv
  24. SynThreeFingerFlick.mpg
  26. Bubbles.wmv
  27. MyEgy.CoM.buzzlightyear.Ep12.By_action2020.rmvb
  29. 1-2_buckle_my_shoe,alphabet_song.flv
  32. Crochet_5_Puff_Stitch_Cheap_Way.flv
  34. 1_Einstein’s_Dream.rmvb
  35. cute_boy_reciting.flv
  37. classic_vanilla.flv
  38. How.many.Angels.are.there.mp4
  39. Star_Rainbow_Crochet_Applique’.flv
  40. YouTube_-_The_Art_of_Crochet_by_Teresa_-_Radiant_Crochet_Butterfly.flv
  41. [MSOMS-ANIME][MCT][538][nooood].mp4
  42. HORSE_DANCE.flv